Strategy Vs Tactics for India Travel Hacking

You saw these military terms coming, didn’t you? Having a strategy means to have clear, big-picture goals – the what of your objectives, whereas tactics is use of procedures or resources i.e. the how, when etc. of achieving the goals or sub-goals that define the overall objective. Your tactics may change over a period of time, but the strategy shouldn’t.

In travel hacking, your strategy is simply this: Score travel deals by searching, comparing, and documenting data for your travel. The searching and comparing will mostly be done on the Internet, but some offline reading will not hurt. Tactics, on the other hand, is use of tools and resources which I will explain, to achieve your aim of bagging great travel deals. It sounds like lot of work, but it isn’t. In fact, it is enjoyable and maybe even therapeutic to read up on your next vacation and search for the required information. It builds up the excitement, just like when we were kids raring to go during summer vacations. Remember?

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Here is how I intend to reveal to you the information on travel hacking and see the world.

1. Travel Hacking Toolkit. Like any other method, the process of travel hacking will need you to possess a toolkit. By now, you have obviously guessed that you need a computer (desktop / laptop / tablet. anything) with an Internet connection for search-and-compare. For international travel, you will need a valid Passport – that too is known. For booking, you need a credit card, a frequent flyer membership and a hotel loyalty membership. Just any credit card will do? Ahhh, this is where I say, And the truth shall set you free! Okay, that sounded cheesy. But, if you exploit the toolkit correctly, you stand to gain from every tool. How does getting 20000 free airmiles (enough for a trip to Dubai) sound? And what if I told you that you can earn more miles without flying! Enough said.

2. Plan Your Trip. You know you want to go on a trip. Research indicates that most people base

their choice of destinations based on. wait for it. Ads – no wonder that travel companies put out those full page colour ads which tell you that you are getting a deal of a lifetime. The second biggest factor is obviously, the budget. In this chapter, I will include planning aspects on where to go and when. You should take into account the various dynamics for your trip which include your budget, number of days of the trip, the season at your destination etc.

3. Hacking Your Voyage . While air travel for international holidays is a given, you must not ignore rail and sea travel which have their own charm and in some cases will save you money and time. This chapter will guide you on how to save money when you get your tickets to travel by air, rail, road and sea. I will tell you how to book your transport from the airport / seaport / railway station to your place of stay. The chapter will also cover lounges and accommodation at the airport. How about travelling in a private jet? Yeah that. The cost – a business class ticket or sometimes even less! Read it here.

4 . Stay in Comfort – For Less. There are options galore when you begin hunting for any accommodation during your travels. You can stay in a Presidential Suite, a bed and breakfast or Couchsurf ’ your way round the world. This chapter will tell you all about these options and how to bag those deals on hotel stays.

5. Let the Fun Begin. It seems logical when most travelers concentrate on planning for the journey and the stay, considering that it takes up most of your travel budget. But, the most important part of a vacation is that you should enjoy the tours and attractions. If one ignores this part, either you will have to stomach the creeping costs which will adversely affect your travel budget, or you will have to relegate fun if budget takes priority. Now, you don’t want to do either. Therefore, in this chapter, I will guide you on how to get around and enjoy the attractions at your destination. I will show you how to mitigate this and getting by at reasonable cost.

6. Trip Organizer. This is an essential ingredient for enjoying a stress-free trip. I will tell you howto’s of organizing in the physical domain (documents) as also in the digital domain (apps, email and online storage). You can download the planning tables on the website at

At the end of each chapter, I have included a short exercise which will demonstrate the steps related to that chapter. This exercise will show you the benefits / gains that you accrue and you will also be able to put the steps into practice on your own.


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