Story Behind Her Handmade Greek Wedding Dress

Just where are we going right now we are going to my first wedding dress appointment of the week some of you guys were wondering where my wedding dresses, and I actually better bring it with me.

Because it is getting can made here in Greece I didn’t show you guys the name of the designer it’s super interesting. So we have been friends with Sophie this is Sophie just yeah will tell you guys more about it once once we come closer to the wedding we’ll give you guys all the details I didn’t tell you guys the names of designers. Because they actually Greek it’s called the Lord I think that’s how you say it, and here we’re going through after appointment right now we’re a little bit late half an early. Because we got lots of the Train we’ve worked out and, I’m here today, I’m getting fitted, and then they’re going to be hand making it throughout the week, and then I get into pants a week, and I am so excited my heart is literally racing we had to run here know how late we 40 minutes 40 minutes I know alright I can use you. So I have to try the local Greek coffee this is a Fredo coffee it’s been erratic, I’m not afraid of coffee Fred a coffee it is cold, and it is a we’ve seen it everywhere. But we haven’t tried it yet well that is nice that is good the stroller it is very true yeah I like it ready let’s go up, and see the dresses I think this place is like three stories high this place is humongous oh the little store in Australia now that I love how they’ve got my marketing okay yeah sure about their little trick Regina I know your thoughts good try something I can play there are so many dresses here this has got to be the biggest this is just one of the floor oh yeah you love a girl – the utrom yes we cannot try to piss on his bed hey hello hello Sophie the v2 the design I picked out a few which he think Jetts the life it looks.

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So beautiful perfectly, and what about printing the dress, and just getting them it’s normally. So why do need is is probably annoyed you guys look like you tested in a dress – it will reveal it which is the one she thinks at the wedding day where we thought seeing these funny guys everything’s booked you we take you along today in people process getting a dress handmade here increase which is absolutely incredible I like one that is what I like to admit or that like the other one something there is no loosing the other way directed there or higher. So you actually prefer these to be to come here or to have the other one that goes like this I have a friend right now okay how are you feeling really good the cool getting like measured often yeah and, I’m so excited to come back now Mike’s seen all movie yeah it’s crazy they’re going to do it in like one day crazy we’re going to go downstairs now, and see where there’s a lot all the seamstresses, and where they all make the up where they will make the dressing already we’ve come down to where everything is handmade thank you sir well. So production has started on Jessa’s dress the material is to see are they going to start cutting it up to Jessa’s measurements shortly see these are the dresses they’re currently working on, and then once they’ve cut off the material they may come to the seamstresses put it all together which is going to be amazing, and then the final touches are going to go on here for going into this, and I love this key calm this is handmade as amazing all the songs a wedding dress just inside Oh all right guys we have headed back to the dress shop I just got an email saying the dressing is ready. But now I need to do a final fitting to see if there any small adjustments needed before the dress is officially done we are asleep this time the metro is actually really easy to use especially if you can read Greek which we cannot show. So if you’ve got one minor detail they sent us photos of your dress being made you okay is that for now oh no we here for Jessica’s dress. But, I’m here for the coffee good luck jazz you’ve got a bit of a crowd already quick wedding dress update Jess got everything now finely tuned we’re going to come back pick it up tomorrow.

But of course increase everyone there is someone. So I went to Regis who’s just as the wedding dress designers like do you know anyone that can cut hair of course you know someone that can cut hair. So we’re coming together a haircut first of all why time for Paris – I can totally be treated like a designer Couture animal thank you so much it’s Sphero lets do thank you go check them out if you guys are in Athens, and need a haircut that’s given right there thank you so much you have a good day I was actually a super interesting experience we were discussing this morning whether I should go get a haircut. Because generally when I get a haircut is usually chopped through like too short, and we only have a week literally one week from today we get married. So always like or should we do it. But then, I’m so happy with how it turned out thanks the Bee Gees actually translating for us we literally has walked into a Greek hair salon a great barber couldn’t speak a word of English. So imagine us by ourselves trying to go to a barber, and going don’t cut the front sleeve without them big in English.

So that was super helpful super handy the BG’s defender helper he is such a nice person thank you so much no problem thank you alrighty last time hello we’ve come into the final on the trattoria baka con este momento face Indian Ocean Pacific a toxic area you oh yeah source news your yeah thank you so much oh hey nice my warmest greetings that week you know every day still time for you Oh No thank you so much yeah we’re dealing with super excited what do you like it’s all picked up honestly guys you need to come, and seaweed its beaches is easy, and the team they are so unbelievably friendly here, and just to care they put into Jessica’s dress this is a third days we’ve come here Thursday there’s given us coffee which has been absolutely amazing that’s why I’ve come every single day. But definitely come, and see them also if you’re in Australia Sophie is going to be the distributor in Australia. So definitely, I’ll put her details below, and queuing briefs, and you want to come get a handmade dress by beautiful old Greek ladies love radio. Because it’s incredible the experience has been amazing thanks so much for reading guys, and we’ll see you look different yep it’s a spider little zombie.

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