Hey guys it is eight o’clock, and we’re just filling up ready to head back onto the road today we’re leaving Utah going into Arizona, and the first stop is a place for Antelope Canyon, and I’ve always wanted to go here it’s like being at the top of my bucket list forever ever since I’ve found this place. So very excited to show you guys what it looks like. Because it was really really cool, and here is Sara fueling up, and she’s had a bad toothache all night. So we got to feel sorry for her yeah we need to go find her a chemist.


So she can get some antibiotics bit we’re fueling up, and Hey Steve Hey guys bye it is bit rainy today. But I don’t think it’s raining in Arizona we checked they said it was gonna be 30 degrees or something in Arizona, and sunny just good it takes three, and a half hours to drive to Antelope Canyon, and then from there I think we have six hours to drive to Flagstaff while they’re staying for the night. So it’s going to be a long day we’ve now arrived in Arizona, and it’s still raining and, I’m really depressed. Because Antelope Canyon is really only best to see when it’s really really sunny. Because some light beans going to the canyon also if it gets too rainy it can cause flash floods which means the canyons might be closed its we’ll have to see what happens. But when Arizona now which is pretty cool we’ve never been in a state before it’s still really pretty we also wanted to go check out Monument Valley. But.

Because it was so cloudy all the clouds had dropped, and they were kind of covering all the monuments. So there’s no point driving through there either it’s not our day it’s not a good day especially. Because this is the only rainy day every other day is gonna be sunny. But we can’t go back. Because otherwise we can have to drive six hours back, and then six hours forward again. So we’ll just have to see how it goes.

So at the moment it’s just very cloudy. But luckily the rain stopped. So we’ll see how it goes, and we’ve swapped in our Stevens gonna drive for a bit yep, I’m gonna drive for a bit well see if the canyon will be closed, I’ll be very depressed if it does cuz I’ve been waiting for this moment okay change of plans. Because it’s rainy today. But sunny tomorrow we decided we’re gonna do Antelope Canyon tomorrow, and today we’re going to go to the Grand Canyon which is kind of on the way to our motel we’re saying now it’s gonna be a little bit of a detour. But it’s still going to be better. Because then tomorrow we can drive back up here which we worked out is over like a two, and a half hour three-hour drive, and then we’ll go check out Antelope Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend tomorrow.

So today is great endian good. Because it’s your bucket list. So we have to do it on the good day yeah there’s going to be sunny, and 36 tomorrow. So it’d be worth it coming back after work I don’t mind. Because it’s only 11 o’clock now. So we’ve got time to do we’ve just entered Grand Canyon National Park, and it is a really really wet, and we saw some lightning strikes before. So hopefully it boys away soon.

So we can get some good shots, and actually see if they’re not getting drenched the rain keeps coming, and going like actually see the clouds very like as you can see, and to bring umbrellas even did you bring your umbrella Sara how was your driving got a penalty for frying go to bed going on after waiting ages the rain has finally stopped. But it is so foggy I really think we’re just gonna have to come back tomorrow yeah like this is one of the viewpoints that we stopped at, and we’re walking down now, and I can already see that the visibilities of the best you never go to the Grand Canyon you know gonna go he wants really. So you want to have one like the views are incredible we’ll show you guys the views are amazing my camera is picking it up probably. Because of the fog if you were here in real life it is I did not like you know you’re like oh yeah Grand Canyon we didn’t expect it to be this amazing I think I really want Sarah’s mother, and I want to try a crowd of the cock. Because I really want her to not wait grabbing she has to see this view oh my god, I’m so cold we are definitely coming back tomorrow. But this is no point doing it today.

Because the views are just not as good wait let’s go get Sarah Sarah thought it was amazing as well. But we’re jumping back in the car now it’s so cold we’re definitely not dressed for this type of weather. But now we’re gonna head to Flagstaff we’re gonna head back to we’re gonna head to Flagstaff which we haven’t been to yet, and that’s always spending the night I don’t know if it picks it up. But even when Steven was posting the scenery business like thunder in the background it’s just not good weather. So tomorrow it’s gonna be one crazy day, I’m out of breath yeah the Grand Canyon oh I did it’s seriously like one of those things we you’ve seen in photos I mean I go here it looks alright like it looks pretty cool, and then you see in real life, and you’re like wow. So you have him how to explain it thank you photos don’t do it justice oh alright wait a minute to take my breath up yeah we’ll be back Grand Canyon we’ve just entered Flagstaff we noticed this whole drive the like the scenery has been changing so much I’ve only left Utah they’re kind of like dear friend, and then it went through, and was kind of getting a little bit red, and then we Arizona it got really weird, and Rocky, and then you were at the Grand Canyon, and now our Flagstaff which is like Canada. Because all green with the fern pine tree things hundred other names that it looks like we’re like in Canada it’s like.

So weird how you could just be driving in half an hour later you’re in a completely different landscape that’s the cool thing about America I think they have. So many different landscapes how have you been going with your driving good, I’m glad for nearly there we are driving an early night in maybe few people have dead well this one here is very sick. So before we go to a motel we’re gonna go to a Walgreens, and see if we can get a set there too. But it’s she’s got a bad toothache, and she didn’t sleep much over the past few nights. Because of it, and then she took a lot of painkillers, and that’s not good. So we’re gonna see if we can help her with that, and see what also needs some air cleaners. Because they’re so years is that too much information too much this from Keylong.

Because his colds gone. But now he’s got a bit of an ear infection too much TMI never never team I have with effort en Flagstaff is a really big town it looks like it from when we drove in we thought it’s gonna be this tiny little we thought it’s going to be this tiny little town just like it was back in Moab buh-buh-bah BSI south will truly be. So what’s happened is like Sarah’s truth is now really hurting. So we went to try get a prescription for her. Because we can’t buy anything over the counter, and like the normal Medical Center said without her proper insurance details which she does have. But they don’t accept it it’s like two hundred dollars for a visit, and then it could be more on top of that. So we’re taking it to the emergency they’re at the hospital.

But I want a post inside. So that I just tell you guys what’s going on now, and we’ll tell you what what happens afterwards hey guys. So what the plan is Jess, and Sarah are still there, and it’s about an hour, and a half to three hour wait. So what I’ve done is I’ve just gone, and checked us in that when they come here they can pretty much just jump into bed, and have some food. But this is our place no. So cheap motel. But yeah I’ve been had any updates yet.

So I don’t think they’ve moved yet, and they probably been there for about 45 minutes yeah we’ll see how the rest of the day goes hopefully Sarah’s some feel a bit steep earnest when it got me from the hospital, and Sarah’s still there she’s just getting some tests done. Because she’s been getting really bad stomachaches. Because she had too many patter dolls. Because she had a really bad two things hopefully she’s okay, I’m sure she’s okay we’re gonna go back, and get her once she calls us yes. So we just get in the post here make sure Sarah’s fine. So goodnight guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow, I’ll keep you updated on how she is bye guys.

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