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Namastey from Team world kuhmo it’s sorry time comin welcome to Maldives travel series on this blog we had heard about stingrays their unique structure their feeding habits, and some strange stories associated with them like how dangerous they might be all of this made us curious to have an up-close look at them recently we got lucky enough to get an opportunity to watch a bunch of super adorable stingrays being fed along the shore in Maldives in this post we are going to share some interesting facts about these super adorable creatures in our experience reading them up close comment our blog. So you don’t miss a future travel posts, and follow us on the following social media handles thanks for subscribing, and following now without any further delay let’s begin the resort we were staying in maldives conducted this very unique activity that takes place every evening called stingrays feeding the feeding time is 6:30 p.m.. But the preparations start at around 5:30 p.m.

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there are these two guys from the resort who bring in a bucket full of fishes, and some barricades which they set up along the shore of the feeding area the spectators who are the tour is spending the vacation, and the resort lined up to get the view of these incredibly beautiful species that show up exactly at 6:30 p.m. our level of excitement increased the moment we saw a unique pattern of wave rushing towards us, and boom we got a first glimpse at stingrays these gentle creatures are known for their unique looks they have disc-shaped bodies with eyes on top of their heads, and flattened dorsal fins stingrays get their name from the spine of barb located on their incredibly long tail mostly used as a defense mechanism they have no bones, and their skeleton is made up of flexible cartilage by some stingrays glide crisply to the ocean by undulating their bodies in a wave-like motion others will flap their dorsal fins up, and down giving them the appearance of flying through the ocean like a bird washing the gentle movement was very exciting, and a very unique sighting stingrays are curious in playful creatures it was fun reading them run after the guys who were there to feed them the flattened bodies, and mottled skin ranging from a light sandy tone to a dark brown color.

Allows them to blend in easily fitted surroundings they settle on the sea floor while feeding often leaving only their eyes, and Tails visible why the stingrays eyes pair out from its dorsal sight its mouth nostrils, and gill slits are situated on its underbelly the eyes allows them to see prey moving above them while they are hiding in the sand, and a mouth located on their undersides allowed them to feed on creators that live on the ocean floor stingrays have a unique breeding pattern as well they have spy recurse which are openings for gas exchange right behind their eyes, and gill slits on the flat underside instead of sucking sandy water in through their gills they can pull clear water in through the spirals, and then force it out through the gills this arrangement also allows the stingrays to treat while covered in sand, and freeze the stingrays mouth to eat which is located underneath its body the tail of a stingray maybe as much as five times as long as its body with a venomous barb located next to it that is used as a defense mechanism the oddly adorable stingray is misunderstood by many stingrays are not aggressive in fact they are curious, and playful creatures if they feel threatened their first instinct is to swim away always respect stingrays personal space enjoy reading them gliding through the water, and never threatened them always keep an eye out for their tail, and never never touch the barb on the end of it the feeling continued for half an hour after which these lovely creators made their way back to the ocean floor they truly are one of the most amazing, and adorable creatures, and it was fun reading them hope you enjoyed reading this post, and found it useful give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment share with your friends, and comment a blog for more travel posts stay tuned for more Maldives travel posts coming soon until then take care bye bye.

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