and, I think trouble resumes. And I am. So excited. I cannot hide it welcome little Cucamonga how to make this house that. I am this is my, villa here at noble hotels at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas it custom amazing I’ve never seen a place is expensive. And I want to show you around help eautiful displaces my teeny room. I don’t know what you think II that is it’s amazing sorry, I’m like totally silly because of the stuff excited this is my guest area right. So if. I wanted my guests their bathroom a person on visiting how, I’m sure. And this is one of the guest bedrooms right here which is bigger than most of the hotel rooms comes with a private bathroom then here’s look if they almost Sakhalin join me all through in the room. And comfortably laughing as well beautiful go ahead. I think look at that like it’s a goodie bag looks insane Oh hair dryer alright.


So let’s keep going where are you some music oh this is the price okay. I’ll do. So now. And I you called it but they were kind enough to give research in like you know we don’t eat sugar or processed food. I was going to want to begin to take for you to come welcome. I mean this is. So thoughtful they did add did you have an experience yet, I’m at the Olympics. And we’ll take sweetie but just like. I felt. So taken Carol. I can’t things cost above. And beyond to make sure that make me happy is creepy. I produce mental table took such a great like story like hey you know this is like friends. And rest up a couple friends they have money for getting to the villa consists of others, I’m sure you get rid of me them. So that’s their kitchen that’s where they students hang out hmm my dining table with like amazing fresh roses Wow living room actually, I’m going to give you a sneak peak off of what’s outside but, I’m gonna go check outside yet. I just want to show you a sneak peek look this is my tank Penhale area here. And an outdoor dining but don’t look don’t look it just free view. Because I will take outside without side a second first. I’ll show you this bedroom okay just in my bedroom oh it’s okay well over there. I mean the bottom is amazing but kind of to go here. So welcome to my bedroom is my own massage room. So in about five minutes we’ll have a lady at a conference will give me a real novel experience with my own private massage which is amazing. I mean. I cannot wait she’s exactly what. I need after Aloha long travel for my leg was fifty times a good slide. So, I’m very tired this is where I’ve been doing my makeup. And the back of a like post system out this bathroom. I don’t know why we because it’s super super super vain. And she loved it come on alright just like no shake, I’m there to show you the dots deponent good look when you come on it’s automatic you don’t have to use your head. So the closes don’t worry that’s helpful is this is the last house which is amazing too huge. And you thought. I have a private sauna as well right behind you let me show you.

And well that’s where private sauna. So the school excuse my phone outside speaking of. So on. So let me figure out how to enjoy degrees right now in Vegas which is about degrees all teams very warm, I’m going down. And I bought this or because it can actually name Jesus fella she’s very happy. I had my own tree yeah. I mean it’s crazy dead-people help my bizarre friends the barbecue especially right now my price for Vegas. And today see as just be an Eiffel Tower from here concert about a lot places you probably see their fountains that you need to, I’m pretty sure from last year. But I mean no hotel there is something are you doing closer to this office. And advice to. And of course the Eiffel Tower this is beautiful. And yeah. I mean. I can get some groups. And salivating their egos because they’re. So that you know that but very far as here whatever. I want there’s no one above was the very top floor that off. I mean people everything inside there like you to realize how amazing is going to be honest in suspension because Matt, I’m Beach land like Japanese. I have helped you on show you. But I completely think eat when. I have to be ready for my massage. So, I’m going to stop here. And I’m in my robe my novel rope. And we massage service arrived at we decide stick it outside take a look we’re getting it ready it looks amazing these beautiful creams, I’m going to get some tea all these flowers. And I love that it’s overlooking the Caesars Palace wondrous eyes amazing it’s like outdoors is. So relaxing, I’m not meeting it was all hi hi nice to meet you, I’m Eddie, I’m your brother ah yes I’ve got this little bit for you. And if. I see me the way was amazing was it a bit yeah thank you. So much this is you know poker you have a mundane job. And chocolaty has a little bit spicy just that you know just in case. I got that record to catch out mmmm oh okay thank you how do you like the yoga wheeler oh it’s amazing you can’t, I’m not gonna let you be moves inside with our meal oh sure. I actually took a householder got that is cauliflower but this is like baby mushroom michael has a steak. And that’s maybe you’ll not bad. So we’re devouring food we have no idea what this is but if you do let me know in a comment below because it’s delicious. But I don’t know it’s good it’s but this means nothing in Las Vegas because that’s when people just wake up. So, I’m leaving my Villa for the first time into a bar. So funny. And going to my private elevator this is pretty good, I’m just saying that when. I can’t believe what, I’m saying this is my elevator movie oh we never see yeah yeah we’re going downstairs just to check out the restaurants. And check out the young because you know even though. I have been here before I’ve never actually stay here. So, I’m going to have fun biggest event super phrase downstairs to loosen quieter like on the rd floor the iPod it’s crazy downstairs have to be reported seen elephant we want to get a display night dessert as the restaurant see if it’s really possible hopefully see look at the system looks amazing wow it’s So pretty Wow shake em right there that’s a nice calm your drink because it’s awesome this is from Paris she did from Paris yeah super goal what’s in it well the red red shoes red shoe the good stuff song all right guess. I have borne on the view And So from Caesar salad we’re right here. And I’m show you where my room is because actually this is the best part of it our villa well it’s beautiful our villa is right there.

So, I’m going to zoom in. And show you. I knew if you can see right now but it says Noble hotel. And then just very very tall there is a pillar right there. And that’s my room right there amazing. So we’ve been walking around. And now we sneaked into the pole look how beautiful is ooh wow this is um believe was. So spectacular these buildings are. So big you just feel like a tiny little ant here. And it feels amazing going to be. So much fun tomorrow shooting here nothing but good photos service is weird in my room. I have a little water here see what else is here they also brought some lavender mist to spray on my pillow. And I guess just to refresh myself cute goodnight my slip whoops already my fluffy she’s retiring, I’m putting my feet here ah my feet needed that oh. I thought this is. So So And this bed by the way is like humongous another camera can show it. But I think just the fact that it can like fit three sets of pillows here speak something about this bed. So lovely still my favorite room, I’m taking these phones are. So comfortable. I’ll show you around mom. So pretty boring like super lame-o. So good goodness me. So bright it’s in the morning. And it’s like this right it’s crazy amazing my sister. I looks amazing. So this is the salmon we’re cleaning up Wow some begin law this some fresh croissants yeah oh look at this fruit platter oh my goodness the presentation is just like on point for salad green peas. And course over country that it came from this safe here which is the bad it’s actually warmer okay. I call it the safe good excuse me perfect. I have my beautiful breakfast. And look at that this is say again what is it tamagoyaki Japanese cell breakfast this is Chefs favorite who has cover all over it And So much, I’m like it smells. So good it’s a shame camera don’t have the smell option right thank you breakfast your eyes. I just want to give you a little bit behind the scenes. I don’t get to eat this right quick Fred this is like an hour, I’m going to photograph it, I’m going to show you what it takes to move this entire beds right in the middle to get the Eiffel Tower, I’m using towels to get there nice lighting. I use these tools for my tripod. So you know working hard nice whoever.

I totally bag. I mean palm trees it’s like Rome but better Vegas style wow this is great. I don’t think any post can actually. So unimpressive hoteles that is crazy it’s So So So pretty impressive love it my mother set up her photo my second real breakfast arrived this is unbelievable. So I was trying to be good. And just ordered the Profi which looks beautiful but my dear friend knew that. I want the green tea pancakes. So he brought me some with some maple syrup. And some some sides. So what is amazing about this entire experience is that they butler’s. And the entire staff actually learned a lot about you they do like a research about you. So when. I showed out they knew a lot of green tea like it was ready for me they knew. I don’t do processed sugar they knew that. I you stay away from me Daniel a lot of things about me that just like yeah they just knew my preferences. And then you know everything. I do for a living then you my posts it. I mean it’s kind of amazing. I was. So impressed because it’s just like. I felt like well like like a friend you know like this did their research. And this was really touching. And okay. I have to stop talking. Because I need to make my dreams come true Ville. And some maple syrup oh yes all right perfect oh. And then only that she today every day here at double mmm digging in mmm oh my god. So good it’s all. So good, I’m just going to hang out outside for a little bit just actually have to worry she sniffers because it’s this hot but let’s go to this a hot bath tub oh nice ah what a bit way to the N might stay here mmm. I love the streets my favorite time to leave sad face episode on TV forever was. So nice my hair’s like all wet from the jacuzzi but time to go home like she. I’ll go home, I’m going to Bermuda but yeah it was the most amazing experience in the best part of this experience is people that work here is they make you feel like you’re family. And that was the best the most loving caring people I’ve met in a while. And I guess of all things. So nine all right is this my limo all right that’s awesome Wow bye oh my god. I love you. So I just gave him a hug. And then they just kinda chicas like oh you’re wonderful. So nice. I want to stay here it was. So nice here. I love it this is my limo here just remember, I’m with the witness protection program yeah you. So much you’re welcome thank you thank you. I want to show that this is swap all over nicest laid Nevada Nova hotel number one bye bye no boo bye all right time to play out.

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