Hey everybody it’s probably the latest we started the blog I think like five to three we just had a chilled morning you have more work to do we’re really excited. Because today we’re going on a bit of a fancy tool this company’s gonna take us out, and we’re gonna see a bit more of Los Angeles. So hopefully we’ll show you guys some places we haven’t been yet. But we better go now. Because I think they should be down in the lobby Stephen a nice to meet you confess it again designed to resemble a stack of LPS you know what this means to us the Hollywood sign to LA is the same thing as the Statue of Liberty to New York first yeah that means our the people before we just went to the Hollywood sign, and now have some champagne we always house doctor buffet, and a lot of people around the world think of this street just brought out welcome filler former estate of Nicolas Cage Rod Stewart The Fresh Prince of bel-air yeah this is the house that need Will Smith start she started really caught Cleopatra 1963 yes it’s an Arnold Schwarzenegger this is the estate of a young man their Disney star original there’s Playboy Mansion that’s where you have to live that is the Playboy Mansion to the ground.


But from the sky it is it’s a different supermodel on his arm every two months later, and he should have won the Academy Award for Titanic, and your breathing leader leo I think I said we just got back from our tours about five to eight really really nice to I mean to see LA, and go to Beverly Hills, and go to bel-air, and see you know got to see Justin Timberlake’s house got to see Leonardo DiCaprio’s house Zac Efron stars just got to see like the Playboy Mansion as well as just like dr. Phil and, I’m sure you saw before amazing that we get to do these type of things we’re still not stopping we’re not ending the post just yet remember yesterday we saw the the improv comedy club we’re going back tonight Chris Shaw Dane Cook is playing Jeff Ross is playing as well some other acts. So we’re heading out in about an hour’s 45 minutes time the night’s still going. So it should be a fun time okay guys I feel like I’ve been really talk to you guys today. So good evening we are off to get out over now, and we’re gonna go, and see a stand-up comedy at a place booked improv. But our tickets for free. So we’re heading over there now.

But we’re not a hundred percent sure if we can get led in it depends how many people turn up. Because they were free tickets. But we shall see. So we’ll see you then we’re gonna catch our uber, and it’s like only a few minutes away 30 minutes away, I’m cold I don’t want to walk, and it’s late, I’m not very, I’m not really a nighttime person we’ll see how we go, I’m sure you told them about the tour we just did yeah yeah awesome yes so much fun we’ll see you at the improv places we were you lean yeah Rick sorry not here I’ve been to the one in Ontario it was sold out we came to I mean it’s like doesn’t start for another hour. But we can’t get in yeah sorry we are gonna come back it was hard. Because we wanted to go. But then we Hall was to head out to us.

So we just came straight off for the tour. But it was already sold out. So gonna go home. But we’re gonna actually buy tickets for Saturday like who’s Kevin Smith’s finance we’ll go there when we’ll jump in the Hoover we might see you in ten minutes. Because they could be sold out, and he said we’ll hang around well it’s funny. Because when we ordered it you you know you know that you’re being featured yeah you know I wish you could have all righty-roo guys we are back at home I feel like my belly talked today when I look at around all today. Because every night we keep rambling, and I just want to end it today.

So, I’m tired oh my face. So we didn’t get to see the comedy show. But we had a comedy show in Aruba we had the best ever ever. So like he picked us up we say we’re going to the comedy show he made us laugh the whole way there, and when we got there we said you know we might see you in five minutes Joe kind of thing like we got free tickets they isn’t overbooked you don’t get to see it, and it was being name it was Jeff Ross, and it was Dan cook. So we got there we went to the box office who said sorry guys we are sold out like that was fine there was no problem, and then we ordered our uber, and someone else got picked up, and then he canceled on us, and then we saw it was Terry that came to pick us up we have our comedy show on the way back hello Terry oh joy we ended up at the end of the Roo. But getting his number. So whenever we need a mover now we can just text him, and he’s gonna come together.

So Terry up pass whatever drug there is if you guys ever find it Terry if you have monetary LA. So he’s the best Ruby driver unless you know he’s Steven Jeff hey. But it was fun today was so much fun guys going on that tour seen the city meeting Terry, and seeing all the celebrity homes was so cool yes your favorite Miley Cyrus I think mine was JT which is secretly hidden in there we can’t give you the exact yeah we’re not allowed to give laughing sexy dresses, and stuff yeah it was awesome anyway tomorrow is really exciting. Because we have a special guest that’s gonna be our special guest you find out to work she’ll love it yes on the blog. Because she watches me we’re having a special guests come which are very excited about. So, I’m gonna go, and jump in the shower now, and get some sleep.

Because I think the next few days is gonna be like jam-packed you you will see if she might be a bit Jacob you know is like you invite someone, and then like you’ve got a few days with them you know you’re gonna do a lot of stuff I know, I’m ready for Thursday it’s gonna be good Friday excited no no look all right we’re single night, and you find out what we’re doing later on okay good.

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