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Following an already established opinion, he held that the world would last 6,000 years before its final phase which would be the millennium of Christ’s reign and that at the time of Christ’s birth 5,500 years had passed. In the same period and on the basis of similar computations, Hippolytus wrote his Chronicles Cronikwn bi,blioi, which seem to have been inspired by Julius’s work and by the chronological section of Clement of Alexandria’s Stromata I,109-136. St. Louis Map It is interesting to note that Hippolytus too composed his work in response to eschatological and millenarian expectations, aroused in various Christian communities by just such chronological calculations. At the start of the 4th c. or perhaps earlier Eusebius of Caesarea wrote his Chronicon: though lost, we can reconstruct it from a 6th-c. Armenian translation, Jerome’s Latin version and many excerpts transcribed by later chronographers.

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