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Parish Population Area(km.‚²) Area(mi.‚²) Capital
Christ Church Nichola Town 2,061 19 7 Mansion
Saint Anne Sandy Point 3,167 13 5 Sandy Point
Saint George Basseterre 13,251 29 11 Basseterre
Saint George Gingerland 2,564 19 7 Gingerland
Saint James Windward 1,806 31 12 Newcastle
Saint John Capisterre 3,248 25 10 Sadlers
Saint John Figtree 2,901 21 8 Fig Tree
Saint Mary Cayon 3,423 15 6 Cayon
Saint Paul Capisterre 2,453 14 5 Saint Paul’s
Saint Paul Charlestown 1,790 4 1 Charlestown
Saint Peter Basseterre 3,541 21 8 Monkey Hill Village
Saint Thomas Lowland 2,047 18 7 Cotton Ground
Saint Thomas Middle Island 2,395 24 9 Middle Island
Trinity Palmetto Point 1,678 15 6 Boyd’s
14 parishes 46,325 267 103

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