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Early Christian monuments are found in many of the Epirote cities mentioned above: Nicopolis see below, Dodona Pallas, Epiros 238-241; Id., Corinthe 131, Euroia building attributable perhaps to Donatus, bishop of Euroia at the time of Theodosius I 379 395: Pallas, Epiros 238; Id., Monuments 138- 140, Phoenice Pallas, Epiros 235-236; Soustal – Koder 158, Anchiasmus Pallas, Epiros 303-308; Soustal – Koder 255-256. A one-aisled basilica with inscribed apse and lateral buildings on the N side was recently discovered at Boutrotos Pallas 232-235; Spain Metro Map Soustal – Koder 133-134. The published plan of the basilica already known is wrong. On the baptistery mosaics: Nallbani, Mozaiku i pabtisterit, Photice Pallas, Epiros 237-238; Id., Monuments 140-141; Spain Metro Map Soustal – Koder 236-237, Corf¹ Pallas, Monuments 142-146; Soustal – Koder 180-181, Dyrrachium see below, Scampia Pallas, Epiros 253: The basilica of St. Peter is attributed to 519 Chrysos 103. A basilica with baptistery has been discovered in the village of Lin, near Pogradec Anamali, Les mosa¯ques, Apol- lonia Pallas 253, Boullis Pallas 253; Anamali, Bazilika; Kosta, Amantia Pallas 253; Anamali, Spain Metro Map Amantie 119-120. Justinian rebuilt its fortress: Proc. Aed. IV 4; CSHB 278, Pulcheriopolis Pallas 253, Lychnidos Pallas 254, Bitrakova Grozdanova. Among nonepiscopal towns, there are early Christian remains at Antigone now Argirocastro: Pallas 236, Andrea, Budina, Ba§e.

The most important monuments are at Nicopolis, where six basilicas have so far been brought to light or identified Pallas, Epiros 214-232; Id., Corinthe 119-131; Konstantios. The most remarkable for size and architectural structure is that of Alcisone basilica B of the mid 5th c. Pallas, Epiros 215ff.; Id., Corinthe 119-123 and Monuments et textes 50ff. and 60ff. passim. Distinguished for its mosaic floor decorations is the basilica of Dumezio or of St. Demetrius basilica A dating from 575 Pallas, Epiros 214-215 and 231-232; Id., Corinthe 126-128. Nicopolis was the center from which church architecture and mosaic paving techniques spread to the whole of central Greece and Epirus Pallas, Corinthe 131-134; Assimakopoulou-Atzaka 263-275. Characteristic of church architecture in Nicopolis are the presence of a transverse aisle or transept, a separate building used as a sacristy, and pastophories of Greek type Pallas, Monuments et textes 55ff. and 80ff.. Architectural reliefs discovered at Dyrrachium bibl. in Pallas, Epiros 253 suggest the existence of large church buildings. Inside the amphitheater has been found a small chapel with baptistery and wall mosaics.

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