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Sain Contry for These rles ndeniably limit freedom of seech They determine when one may seak and how long one may seak They may also limit what one may seak abot For 166 thinking olitics examle, in formal debate one mst generally seak to the isse at hand, rather than arbitrarily raising new isses These rles limiting the exercise of or lingistic freedom do so in order to make sch freedom meaningfl in the first lace One cannot trly exercise one’s freedom of seech, whether at a town meeting or in Congress, if another seaker simltaneosly chooses to exercise his freedom of seech in a mch loder voice Freedom of seech means more than the right to seak; it incldes the right to be heard thogh not necessarily listened to attentively or taken seriosly Sain Contry 2016

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