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127-31 Westbourne Grove, W2 020 7727 8063 Open 11-7 Mon, 10-7 Tue, Fri, Sat, 10-8 Wed, noon-6 Sun This capacious branch of the beauty-products empire has a spa on the ground floor, offering luxurious treatments. Upstairs there is a vast array of cosmetics from around the world, as well as Space.NK’s own range, which includes grooming for the boys.

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 Another family experiencing the same event with the same resources perceives C the event as a sign that their son has developed goals of his own and is ready to take independent action to achieve them. Their level of stress X is very low. Yet another family with few financial resources B and an elderly and ill grandparent to care for views C their son’s leaving school as a sign of his caring and his willingness to sacrifice his own goals to help the family. While they are sad this sacrifice is necessary, their appreciation of his love and feelings of obligation to them reduce the stress they might feel to a low level. When confronted with stress, families have several coping strategies available: direct action to change the situation learn skills to cope with the stressor, get additional resources change one’s interpretation of the event or of one’s ability to manage it, see the stressor as less serious and one’s abilities to cope, greater manage feelings triggered by stressor event seeking emotional support Coping with stress is a process that occurs over time while the family still maintains its usual activities of maintaining closeness and communication, supporting each other in daily life.

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