South Korea Map

South Korea political map represents the international boundaries, province boundaries with their capitals, national capital and other important city.

The map displays the capital of the country and major and other city in the South Korea

Korean Name English Name
Kanghwado Kanghwa-do
Paengny´ng-do Paengnyeong-do
Chin-do Jin-do
K…je-do Geoje-do
K»;m-gang Kum-gang
P’ohang Pohang
Kyngjuu Gyeongju
Ynggwangg Yeonggwang
T’ongy²ng T’ongyeong
Chinhae Jinhae
Sachon Sacheon
Chngppp Jeongeup
Kunsan Gunsan
Porynn Boryeong
Ssann Seosan
Ch’nann Cheonan
Ch’ungju Cheongju
Chech’nn Chuncheon
Wnjuu Wonju
Ch’rwnnn Chorwon
Tongduch’nn Dongducheon
ijngbubu Uijeongbu
Kangnngg Gangneung
Sokch’o Sokcho
Tonghae Donghae
Samch’kk Samcheok
Ulchin Uljin
Sunch’nn Suncheon
Mokp’o Mokpo
Changhngg Changhug
Sgwip’oo Seogwipo
Ch’angwon Changwon
Kwangju Gwangju
Inch`on Incheon
Ch’unch nn Chuncheon
Suwnn Suwon
Ch’ngjuu Cheongju
Chnjuu Chinju

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