SOUTH EAST ASIA PHILIPPINES Faithful The Brand Billabong Roxy Asos

SOUTH EAST ASIA PHILIPPINES Faithful The Brand Billabong Roxy Asos

Hi, I’m a kilo this is Jovan her shoes and this is my very very first fashion haul ever. So I am a little nervous. I haven’t seen a lot of posts like that either but my sister when. I was showing her my clothes that. I got to be fired my trip to the Philippines which is in five day sick long you have to make a post and ask me what they think there’s like that’s actually a great idea. Because I can show you my different vines and ask you what you think about them and you know. I took we need like for the girlfriend to show what about my very first purchase is this dress from Roxy. I got it on sale for. I think it’s pretty good it might be a little uh too small for me size extra small. But I do love the print and it’s very like summery the moment. I see this dress, I’m thinking Southeast Asia at warm day. I don’t want to think about matching my top and bottom, I’m just trying this dress and looking all good and, I think will look beautiful this olive color with all the like brown olive skin look amazing.

SOUTH EAST ASIA PHILIPPINES Faithful The Brand Billabong Roxy Asos Photo Gallery

I can’t wait for my this my second dress is from ASOS and, I don’t know if it’s really very much as South Asian. I feel or more Latino. But I thought was very flattering it makes me feel very like sexy and feminine the design is very nice and hugs me the right way and it was pretty cheap. I don’t exactly remember how much it was. But I don’t think was more than it’s very plain and flowery and, I usually avoid pink and flowers but for whatever reason this actually feels very very nice and that’s that Asus brand the tee number three. I got this jumpsuit. I love jumpsuits is another like lazy person option whatever you want to wear something nice but you don’t want to think about matching top and bottom and this particular one is from forever. I love this yellow, I’m blonde and my hair gets a little like reddish like naturally. So even though. I love this color unlike dark-skinned brunettes this doesn’t really work for me a lot but, I’m hoping that if. I get a little bit more tan this color will look a little bit less than scramble eggs. I do like this color and, I do like two tassels it’s super comfortable ah this is a very proud another jumpsuit again going for comfort and flowy nests on this trip. I love thankful the brand unfortunately. I get very bored with clothes and, I often wear clothes one or two times. So that makes me not very happy to invest in expensive clothes. So this jumpsuit was dollars but and, I saw it on their website. I was like oh. I want to have it. So I went to check out Poshmark. I don’t know if you know this let’s say but it’s a website we’ve used clothes basically and someone was selling it for which. I was like off and guess what there’s still a tag attached to it which is amazing and it’s my size and it’s still the current collection and it’s basically. I think it’s like this entire website is made from bloggers that just took one photo in it probably still with a tag and they were good to wear it again it feels amazing.

I think will be one of my favorite outfit. I love the peachy color. I love the fabric the pattern off how it to wear it my next dress this is Thailand whoa. I feel like this dress could go either way. I can wear it with sandals in Southeast Asia or can work some booties and some banana around my neck and the Hat and be very like American this verse is from American Eagle and it was but it fits very nice. I like anything with an open back is my favorite. So yeah. I don’t know if a will ticket to Southeast Asia but, I’m sure. I’ll wear it a lot and in the summer because it’s just very very comfortable the fabric is very soft very comfortable. I went a little crazy. I got this ages ago. Because I knew that whatever you call this material is gonna be in fashion and, I got it. I never got to wear it. I don’t know it. I feel like. I could worried like a nicer dinner with high heels on an island it’s very sparkly it’s one of these like another jump. So that’s a little bit more fancy or. I could wear it in a light to would like some nice heels. I don’t know. I just feel like it makes me look a little fat. I don’t know not like not in a good way but you know. I have been collaborating with a brand cool come EXA if, I’m prancing it right and they’re just making very like high-quality shirts this one’s linen and it’s beautiful and white linen shirt that’s good quality. I feel like, I’m it’s like perfect for summer. I can wear it’s just as on top of my swimsuit. I can match it with different bottoms and as you can see I’ve matched it with these awesome shirts from Billabong and if you have seen one of my vlogs you know how long I’ve been chasing them down for. I love them you love them ran out of them and, I found that one out online store haha super happy absolutely love this color on the shorts.

I think again they’re awesome they’re ripped they fit me nice very cool and with this linen shirt they look great. But I also can match them with my shorts this is again forever but this is their online only collection. I think they’re super cute and very summery and again one of these things that. I’ll end up putting on and feeling super happy and comfortable and finally oh and the back bag. I forgot to mention the back foot that you probably have seen in the post it’s So cute. I could like. I love that it’s like big enough that. I can actually put the camera in there and sound glasses and perhaps maybe some sunscreen and it’s just small enough to have a day out over make a bottle of water too. So if we’re cute and, I’m like that it turns into a little backpack would be a little bag awesome alright since. I never done any kinds of posts like this. I think that’s it right like, I’m showing you and you tell me in the comments below whether you like the items and how. I should match them or perhaps give me some ideas which shoes he would imagine what accessory you would match with these outfits. I would be very curious to actually hear that because sometimes. I find myself dressing last-minute like ah accessories and, I run out like not putting anything but it’s So important it’s same weave shoes it completely changes the look. So that would be great alright. I did it my first how posts out now comb. I wasn’t too bad. I hope if you have benefited from any of my posts. So far please subscribe to my blog it’s very important for you to burst and get those descriptions to keep producing the content that you really like if you liked it then leave me a thumbs up if you did like it leave me a thumbs down and let me know what do you think. I should change about my posts give me some honest proper constructive feedback that would be great. Because I do want to grow and constructive is a key word in this yeah thanks. So much for reading. I’ll see you in the next post where we’ll be showing you, I’m doing another one where, I’m showing you my outfits for Paris.

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