South Beach Bike Tour in Miami FL

Welcome to wonderful South Beach Miami the hottest, and most glamorous spot south of Cinderella’s castle today, I’m gonna show you around South Beach on two wheels with deco bikes who make it really cheap, and easy to get around town with these nice little stations set up they have all over. So after a late night, and live only cure I know is a jump on this to show you around town come on I like to kick things off too fifth, and ocean in the heart of South Beach where you can cruise along the beach through Loomis park, and pass the workout stations, and volleyball nets then cross over, and ride along Ocean Drive to take in all the Art Deco buildings, and popular spots like the Clevelander, and the Versace Mansion just don’t try to go down the other side of the road where all the outside seating is it gets a little tight for a bicyclist once you hit 14 place in ocean you want to pop out of the boardwalk before Ocean Drive ends on 15th Street now you’re getting into the mega-resort neck of the woods, and from here you can continue up the path, and see how the other half lives or you can take a little detour, and ride along the beach at some point around 22nd Street there’s usually a security guard or signs telling you that the boardwalk is now for walkers only.

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So you’ll have to make your way over to Collins Avenue to keep heading north take Collins up to 39th Street for a quick pit stop at a great little place called primo cafe M market after the reef you’ll head back down Collins or take Indian Creek Drive along the canal until you get to Lincoln Road where you can weave through pedestrian traffic to do some window shopping, and people reading along the stylish outdoor mall take a loop around the promenade, and then head back down Kyle until you run into one of my favorite lunch spots on 7th Street a tasty little Cuban restaurant called wet dough sidewalk here you can get yourself a Cuban sandwich, and let the wheels rest for a little bit just cheese mustard, and pickles after crushing some authentic Cuban cuisine jump back on the bike, and keep heading south to South Point Park to peddle along the luxury condo high-rises in Miami Beach Harbor I like to cruise around the park a little bit, and then bike down to the pier where you can get a great view of South Beach, and all the big boats coming into Biscayne Bay from their head back to Loomis park, and drop your bike off call it a day it’s Miami after all go take a nap at the beach or pool get rested up for the night the lovely little rooftop area here with the pool very swanky.

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