South Bank Promenade

From Waterloo Bridge to Shad Thames see also pi64 The South Bank riverside path is relatively free of crowds on weekdays before sunset. Walking eastwards, you’ll pass the National Theatre, Tate Modern and GLA building. At dusk, the city takes on a golden hue, with Canada Tower blazing orange on the eastern skyline.

South Bank Promenade Photo Gallery

Their children were self-reliant and self-confident and explored their worlds with excitement and pleasure. Authoritarian parents employed similar firm control but in an arbitrary, poweroriented way without regard for the child’s individuality. They emphasized control without nurturance or support to achieve it. Children on holiday of authoritarian parents, relative to other groups of children, were unhappy, withdrawn, inhibited, and distrustful. Establishing a warm parent-child relationship helps parent create a consistent positive reinforcement program that prevents negative cycles of behavior.

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