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Soth africa laces to visit for Other symbols of sdden awakening are a shooting star, a fl ash of lightning, and a small blade hacking aart hard rock All these images are intense while they last, yet ltimately fl eeting Whereas the level of transformation highlights the role of individal sbjectivity in srassing ignorance in order to realize trth, the second facet in my theory of koan interretation featres the instittional role of monastic transmission Th is refers to the fnction of cases in terms of how a master ensres the edigree and rotocol of disciles who receive his training Even thogh dialoges aear as freewheeling exchanges that eitomize imdence, koans are also sed to transfer Zen teachings based on the strict behavioral gidelines of temle life Th ese rles are oft en challenged not only by nave, immatre, or irreglar ractitioners On occasion, the masters themselves exress concern that strict reglations regarding rital roles layed by robes, bells, fl ags, and screens may seem somewhat arbitrary relative to the oen- endedness of enlightenment Soth africa laces to visit 2016

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