SONGKRAN FESTIVAL in Chiang Mai Thailand

Do you remember changing it until I saw see, and if it doesn’t, and I remember today has been a very interesting yeah interesting is a good word for it today has been a very interesting morning thus far yeah I kind of a kind of crashed my drone up I’ve mentioned this before on the post the thing about drones to get an amazing drone shot like a truly amazing drone shot you have to be willing to sacrifice the drone itself to get the shot this morning I woke up, and I saw the Sun kind of peeking out I saw the light in the colors, I’m like you know what going to launch the drone really fast flew the drone up I was doing a pulled away shot backwards, and it crashed this is embarassing it crashed into the hotel the reason this is the big deal is. Because the specific can’t paint them on in Thailand this campaign is a drone focused campaign unless they hired me for my drone skills, and now I am drone list today is the pinnacle of the trip today is the big day today’s the reason why we are out here it’s their New Year’s celebration dong Kron has now turned into this huge kind of festival where people just have fun you know it’s a water festival people run around with squirt guns they dump water on each other it’s a party for more information about some Kron down in the description of the post it’s actually really really interesting. But I was supposed to zero in the festival today, and now I am sands drone. So I have to figure out a way to get a new drone in the next few hours all the stores are closed today. But you know things could be worse things could be a lot worse, I’m going to figure it out, I’m gonna make it work. So it today is my lucky lucky day somehow someway you managed to get them to open the store, and find a drone waiting for that owner in front of the top bottom up oh my gosh you are a lifesaver yeah thank you the last one brand-new Phantom 4 pro, and they even gave a spare battery.

SONGKRAN FESTIVAL in Chiang Mai Thailand Photo Gallery

So whatever the stores right here if you’re ever in shame I check them out alright. So now let’s go do this a post song crown yeah it is almost about time for the main event to begin we are getting ready, and check this out behind me they have fire trucks and, I’m assuming they’re going to squirt some water from the fire truck yeah to get a better view this, I’m going to take the drone on her maiden voyage, I’m documenting it now in case I crash it you bought a new drone today what is this your fourth of fifth of 2018 if Joan oh my god, I’m sure. So because the rest of this post, I’m going to be soaking wet, I’m not going to use this big camera, I’m switching over to this, I’m posting the rest of my post on this LG g6 smartphone apparently this thing is waterproof like you could toss in the river, and be fine. So the rest of the post will be on this, and yeah let’s launch that drone in the air maiden voyage that’s crazy no serious magic I say adult little critter ha to go back to the first grade middle class boat pancetta worth legs remember when around the playground chasing a girl of my dreams. But all the others were waiting go figure. But now look at your grade wise Elizabeth second grant starting him around with missing third grader how do you use my business my business, and I was on the right track the right track then I hit it right back right back like it was oh my gosh I cannot stop smiling how ridiculous was that blue way, and expectations I had of this trip of some crime I’ve never seen.

So many people. So positive, and just. So full of life everyone was so fired up and. So excited, and there’s so much positivity, and energy in the air, and I’ve never really experienced a festival or something where everyone was just happy every single person was happy like that guy right there if you ever have the opportunity in your life come to some crime in Thailand you I guess there’s no words for there’s no words for the vibe here we walked away from the actual main festival in the parade, and check this out we are about to get in this pickup truck oh my gosh today I feel like this is happening a lot worse a today is ranking as one of the top best days of my life that thus far my first ever sunk run into oh my gosh I was lightning holy Sh huge huge storm is coming on the horizon yeah that’s actually a really bad idea I was going I was about to jump in the jacuzzi here, and watch the sunset behind this mountain. But with the impending doom storm over there I don’t think, I’m going to do that short, and sweet today was one of the best days of my life the energy the people the positivity the happiness the smile the everything everyone in the whole city was so fired up to be there and.

So fired up to just be out, and about, and oh my gosh here comes the rain amazing accuracy guys make sure you have clean hands to avoid getting hit come your way we are all now at dinner the whole crew is here we’re having dinner at this restaurant I have traditional Thai beer cheers the nice very ominous years here you’re very special stay tuned, and watch the end of the body you will see all the meals. So far in Thailand have been. So good the food here it is our last full night in Chiang Mai tomorrow we’re having the Bangkok for the rest of the celebration I know this is our party. But I know we are about to go party we’re going to a very special flock dance show yeah, I’m blogging are you really talking Tom, I’m glad you came to the show yeah door shutting the take off we are getting very close to our destination give you some hints massages just put in hand don’t get any dirty ideas we are at a night market no way what is this the fish spa. So they meet your dead skin cells oh my gosh that’s terrifying. But it looks like it feels good we are going to a ladyboy cabaret yes guys this show, I’ll talk about in a second when I get back to the hotel that was a something else you know I had to sing in these posts that I will try or do or see anything once you know I don’t like to have judgment or I don’t like to you know have pretense before I do things the ladyboy cabaret I have to say that it was very cool to see people. So free in their own skin it’s so great too.

Because it’s such a part of culture here the whole ladyboy culture. But that’s all, I’m going to say on that tomorrow morning early we go to Bangkok we’re spending the rest of the trip in Bangkok then potentially, I’m extending this trip another three days, and going to the islands. So yeah just get ready tomorrow, and Bangkok is going to be from what I’ve heard is going to be literally just madness mystery yeah that is it for me I will see you tomorrow from Thailand. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion.

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