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Noteworthy in the list of the bishops of Chalcis known to us is Apringius, who took part in the Council of Ephesus 431. His name is linked to that of Anthony, a chorbishop of his who preached the theopaschite heresy at Antioch. News about a bishop from the chora countryside accords well with what we know of this area, where urban centers were very few relative to rural towns. Apringius was succeeded by Romulus, who subscribed to the encyclical of the Council of Chalcedon, which does not seem to have been accepted by the whole Christian community of Chalcis: Somalia Map we know that during those years a monophysite hierarchy arose alongside the orthodox hierarchy. In fact the small city of Chalcis became an important monophysite center, and the local monastery offered a number of bishops to the church.

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