SO MANY SEA LIONS Vancouver Canada

Hey everyone how are you doing today we are heading out on our first tour today. So we’re heading into Vancouver a little bit out of a river, and then I think we’re jumping on a boat gonna see some sea lions first stop we take a 40-minute train ride last night boys I swear there’s a rule that you shouldn’t stop warning until this you actually add a nice little train station yeah we’re like getting onto another connecting committee excite a connecting train, and heading even further I think we just were on the train for 40 minutes we have to jump on for another 30 minutes. So it’s the long commute today for this one.

SO MANY SEA LIONS Vancouver Canada Photo Gallery

But the train systems are really good here. So mine’s just a bit busy this morning. Because it’s like the commute to work peak time we’re having a coffee with the nice that I salute you we’re just yeah the land we can be dropped off enrichment which one, and I think we’re gonna go charge my safety right check out there those chips didn’t nothing to satisfy just made food even more timon village was got all these nice old buildings. But we’re gonna go back it’s no lame alrighty guys just got home after doing a little spot of grocery shopping did you enjoy today it was really fun, and I seen all those sea lions we never seen that Richmond that’s cool Richmond area it was a nice today this was like the first time we got to see some proper wildlife in Canada, and was our first time seeing bald eagles that was pretty cool. But I think now, I’m gonna spin they’re not writing some blog posts, and then chilling out what do you want I’ve got a edits your post for tomorrow oh yeah new posts when this is live then my post should be live. So go check out my next post a second post, and there was gonna end it here now yeah otherwise just. But, I’m checking in a few hours yeah yeah into here get some work done, and tomorrow you get to watch me try, and find myself a job.

So, I’ll take you along with me on my journey on finding a job here in Vancouver. So, I’ll say good night, and Stephen didn’t say anything my guys you know.

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