Snowy Day in Tokyo – Japan in Winter

I came to yourself guys we are off on our first trip of the year we thought we’d kick it off by going to one of our most favorite I just going back thank you gentlemen we have mended that total international network I totally forgot that his hands in winter at the my room welcome to Tokyo everybody welcome back to Japan of course the easiest way to get out of the airport. So the super handy train guys it is chilly here Japan I thought we had left the cold it is tiny that we mean for Tokyo couture. So we understand how the train broke. But if you guys were wandering going through the taxis or or anything like that to do the trains are so cheap and. So you need to get around a Fiat like some offline maps leaving Google Maps will show you which lines to go to, and it’s cheaper easy that’s the best bit it’s snowing oh look at it it’s all in your head is this yeah you’ll see it’s like little balls of snow it is apparently extremely rare for it to be snowing here in Tokyo, and this is this is so awesome currently walking around at least I think, I’m saying that correctly, and we’re going to go, and find somewhere to eat for this like midday, and didn’t realize we’ve been traveling pretty much the entire day. So I’ve worked myself up a little bit of an appetite.

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So gonna walk around show you some delicious food all right. So you come out to an economy yaki restaurant it’s just a small little shop yeah we had this in a soccer laughs super delicious. So like each region in Japan have the different styles, and the risen from Osaka is probably the more popular one we’ve had a we had a similar style feeling real it was that favorite thing we had last summer in Japan, and this particular places like caucus room. So my first dish I mean I don’t the Swiss company this would be a good stop throughout Japan eating experience away this looks. So good we’ve just been given that lunch at Red Alert that’s really tasty he’s like a savory pancake yeah yeah also returning out for lunch with some friends we have Wendell here showing us around Tokyo, and got them kyoko don’t say that right we tried in a supper yeah I just can’t get over this places it’s the smallest place is probably connected to its house back there I remember you I know that looks super complicated. But it honestly is easier than it looks. So you picked up one of these suger cards it’s like tap on tap off you pay like 500 yen deposit, and then you can put some money on there, and then it’s way easier than getting the plastic tickets all the time wow that’s no.

4 is bucketing down here in Tokyo today lunch was so tasty really cheap about 10 US for that entire meal beside of rice, and some radish as well as the honestly makes the sushi I think that is my favorite meal you can order in Japan. So you come down you make sure you pick Sbarro’s. So don’t really want to visit revisit a whole lot of places in Tokyo. But we had to come back to the wall before not even in Canada yet very slightly better the same in charge of all places we did it cross the road random tourist attraction the culture party guys come here in Tokyo is wet it is cold. So what is the one thing you do on a wet cold day in this way well since we’ve like come back outside into the city of the. So snowy look the crossing you can barely see it’s like surfing alrighty guys were on our own, and we’re not staying in Tokyo we thought we need to see a little bit more.

Because last time we think we actually yes. So we’re going to be Miyagi region right now trains too late like 25 minutes. Because we’re starving on the bullet train getting up yeah should be good to see a new man in Japan. So all this really here’s just a kiosk, and they’re just shell chips or we got like the Japanese equivalent Pringles a quite cool welcome to Sendai everybody that wasn’t too hard cuz we did it a lot last time we visited about an hour forty minutes outside it’s negative three here. So we’re heading it’s a lot cooler. But not insanely cool it’s still snowing oh it’s so cold, and it’s so oh my gosh it’s nice yeah it’s yeah right, and now we you need to look for Richmond hotel mr. Richie why you act Richie where you are unlike secretly loving the snow tire like this is so much fun snow is so much better than right yeah this is your first look at Sendai it’s a bit dark I think down yeah yeah go Jess go he liked when New York City right now oh wow Ritchie we found you.

So excited to find a hotel oh my goodness it’s like someone put sprinkles on me by the way they can fall when you reading this when you promise the snowfall in Canada this is what we were do you know what even though we’ve been traveling for well over when did we leave yes we left at 4 p.m. yesterday it’s currently 9 o’clock in Tokyo which is 8 o’clock in Australia. So it’s only an hour difference. So basically we’ve been traveling for over a day. But we did have a lot of fun in Tokyo we decided to stay there for the whole dating as well there, and then compter since sendai sendai that just shows you how much we love japan if with that refresh that when we come here having zero sleep we still go out hope you guys enjoyed the day hope you enjoyed that. But you loved it so much.

But if you made it this far you aren’t commentd make sure you hit that comment button, and if you are comment give us a thumbs up, and leave a comment below on what you want to see Japan sure we’ll see you guys tomorrow gonna try daily blog. But we got a daily post, I’m gonna try.

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