Snow Monkeys of Japan Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

Hey today, I’m heading off to a very very special place hopefully if I can find it I will catch a bus, I’m very excited the snow is coming down it’s big big delicious snow, I’m ready for an adventure today let’s go all right came to the tourist information center to try to get some information out of us they’re not open yet opens at eight thirty eight o’clock now snowing beautiful. So I can’t be frustrated huh yogurt, and coffee which had a Jeff, and potato she all right all right I just had a great little breakfast at this place there’s a guy in a woman sitting there talking, and Japanese which I didn’t understand much of. But it was still really funny now hopefully swaying for the bus should be hearing about ten minutes, and we’re off man, I’m really hyping this up I hope this works in travel I never get too excited before something happens anything can go wrong at any moment. So if you stay level-headed don’t get too excited for what’s going to come then I feel like you’re more prepared for if any situations or issues do arise just my own personal strategy. But it’s hard not to be excited about hopefully what what’s about that alright, I’m back at Yama station now waiting for the 10 15 bucks it’s about 950 now. So I got about an hour. So we wait around for a little bit, and then we catch the bus hopefully this works out this all right I was just getting yelled at for something no idea what I paid the guy on the bus, and then they seemed like they were confused, and then they let me go.

Snow Monkeys of Japan Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park Photo Gallery

But, I’m here now I think this is the entrance up here I think now I just go this way there’s nobody around. So I really have no idea where, I’m going it’s pointing I think this way in the mountains of Japan lives the Japanese macaw or better known as snow monkey, and that’s. Because they’re the only other non-human primate to live in such cold climate, and just like humans in the winter months these monkeys have found a way to beat the snowy conditions, and that’s by way of taking over a natural hot spring up in the mountain something I had to see for myself starting the snow now, and this is beautiful look at this, I’m in Narnia what about one kilometre to go just hope they’re in there hope we can find them made it I made it look at this you you you mission accomplished that was one of the coolest animal encounters I’ve ever experienced a long time ago I saw these snow monkeys in a National Geographic magazine, and I thought to myself one day, I’m going to go see those guys, and a few months ago I started planning, and thinking that this is possible, and Japan came up on the radar, and I said this is the chance, and did it, and to accomplish that goal to have that dream, and then go out, and and do it is an incredible feeling I had no idea what I was doing as you saw even even today even on this trip here I didn’t know what I was doing I just took a bus, and found my way, and somehow someway made it happen, and it feels good it feels really really good oh look at this guy hey buddy hey guys what’s up boss how’re you guys doing water warm you guys have to monkey around over here oh no in front of me oh man come on.

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