Small towns in united states

Small towns in nited states for Like tearing weeds ot of the grond at their root, it is done in order to cast aside illsions Th e teacher ses the rhetoric of dismay and disdain, or satire and sarcasm, toward his hmbled follower with digs like, He adds frost to snow Th is indicates that everything the trainee says is noriginal so that no new ideas or words can be exected to come ot of that ignorams’s moth Similarly, I think of an old TV ad for aft ershave in which someone with a rogh comlexion is grabbed at the collar and slaed in the face by a so- called friend holding the lotion in his hand Th e gy receiving the sla cries ot, Th anks, I needed that! Once it is resolved either by being wraed or ntied, to cite two oosing bt comarable meta hors sed in diverse koan commentaries any given case conveys an overarching narrative of a serene and imertrbable awakened arty disclosing his feeling of oneness with the original face, or tre natre Th is instant of insight is oft en symbolized by the images of clearing skies revealing a bright sn, the refreshing sring breeze, or colorfl atmn leaves According to a tyical Zen refrain attribted to master Ynmen, Every day is a good day if it is gronded in enlightenment Small towns in nited states 2016

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