Hey everybody how you guys doing today I am so excited I totally forgot to tell you. Because yesterday you’re probably like Monday Stephen you said you had jury duty.

But then you didn’t go to say well I got a text last night saying that I don’t have to do my jury duty which means some of the cases must have been pushed back or I don’t know they pleaded guilty we don’t need a jury, I’m so happy which means the schedule is back on I feel like I’ve got what’s it not borrowed time. But I feel like I’ve been given my life back for a week. So as it sounds I am over the moon feels like I’ve gotten it like you know a week off work. So this is this is very good news Hey guys I’ve met up back up with Stephen, and we’ve come down to mandhaari, I’m not to play Mary come on to addicting seriously it is so bloody addicting comment down below what level you are, and I at least I know people are playing, and it’s not just us, and one of this losses we just got to level 11 very exciting stuff back where it is today we were hoping to do something fun. But it’s just. So gloomy do me, I’m gonna find out yeah good guys it’s Wednesday which means Q&A day, and we promised you guys that we would do a little bit of a Q&A about geckos tours, and singles we’re down here right next to Allah catches the Pokemon we were like let’s answer some questions.


So we thought today rather than like spacing them out over the day just. Because it’s on such a specific topic we’re just gonna do it like straight in the day yeah all right first question well first of all which all my tias adventure tours, and doing like kind of like group tours between 18 to 35 year old kind of tours as like a form of travel. Because we’ve now experienced two, and three three types it was like this the most recent one was with geckos, and the one we went on was the ultimate Cambodia tour in case you guys were interested which was like a 4th day to watch all day starting in Bangkok finishing at Ho Chi Minh City which mainly you’re traveling through Cambodia you’re literally spending one day in Bangkok one day in Ho Chi Minh City. So that’s why I guess it’s called the ultimate Cambodia to us anyway you guys do doctors have asked us some questions. So we’re gonna be answering them for you alrighty. So is the optional activities worth it definitely you get a few activities included on the trip like you know sunrise at ankhor what was included, and there were a few other things as well. But primarily you do have to pay for the optional activities like ziplining was incredible.

So the food tours like. So many people just think our food was a boring. But we found them. So good. Because you go to like such local places even just to walk around, and see the local places was nice, and then you get to try the food we just have such an important part of travel it’s such a part that we always slack on we’re like let’s just go have pizza you guys know us I know a bit this like this was the first time we really branched out with food, and I think it was. Because of the food to us, and I highly recommend doing food to us when you first arrive at a country. Because then if you do that you kind of know what.

Because we close eenz you like. So then later when you go out to restaurants you know what to order yeah that’s what helped me yes definitely. So with your question like look at the final price then go, and look at how much the optional activities cost, and then look at that as pretty much the overall price rather than like looking like I paid $800 or $900, and then feeling like you’re getting nickel, and dimed with the optional tivities change your mindset, and just put it all together could have so much more fun when you do the optional activities. So someone wanted to know is there any time I guess, I’m in Cambodia or now to her that we felt unsafe or something, and they said including the timer at the spider town that was like the most safe I think he’s like the little kids just like had it, and they through it, and they said it’s okay trusted kids. But we did, and I think the hurricane. But, I’m never felt unsafe all right especially. Because our, I’ll guide.

So the guide that, I’m looks after the two up he’s our local guide. So he was from Cambodia he kind of like knew what he was doing I could tell you know he could speak the local language he could go into restaurants sauce the area route, and stuff. So definitely with him I felt even more safe the only time I felt unsafe was trying to cross the road. Because the traffic is especially Ho Chi Minh City getting tentacle. Because we’re at the with the min arena. So it is like water-based yeah I noticed that yeah if you’re at the water you get a water-base burger speaking of Pokemon by the way we just saw a gecko venture tours has started a Pokemon tour I haven’t looked into a much. But I want to do that.

So bad like I that would be amazing. So we could level up. So good okay. So how is the tipping system on the tour we’re very simple you paid 15 US dollars each at the start of the tour, and then our guide just sorted everyone out yes. So like if we caught a taxi he would then like give the taxi driver he actually came to us to then provide it to them. So kind of felt good. Because then you actually felt like you would typically took turns you know who would give the tip.

But thought is a really good idea. So everyone gave $15. So that means that over two weeks I only spent $15 on tips you know we ended up tipping like a big a lot. Because there were 16 people in the group I thought it was awesome, and then at the end we all just put some money together for the guide also one of the questions which, I’m just gonna reword a bit there like did you prefer doing like the activities were having free time we’re just those type of travelers where we want to see as much in the day as possible. So like it was nice I’d like that one free time it was well the tool was actually well organized like half of it I would say was a lot of going on, and the other half was a lot of free time. But we decided to use our free time in doing optional activities. But some people feel like there was some days where some people just wanted to hang by the pool that day which is fine.

So some of us went out some state it was like quite a nice balance, and it’s really up to you, and how much you want to do yeah there’s like no wrong way to travel why someone can go to Vegas, and sip on cocktails in the pool still traveling that’s not our style we prefer to go do things. But if you want to do that, and sip cocktails at the pool yeah you do that as well yes. So you have like quite a bit of flexible they’re well balanced party I heard that answers some of your questions if you have any more leave them below, and we’ll just answer your comments. But 100% recommend these kind of group tours especially if you’re not really into solid traveling. But you have no one else to travel with at least you can book a tour go there solo, and at the end you’re gonna make all these friends, and have all these people to travel with. So it’s really great let’s go catch small Pokemon Dan P G’s always pidgeys this is the first company I have seen that is used Pokemon if you like level 10 to 14 we get a free ice cream up size 15 to 19 buy one ice can get one free level 25 buy one regular ice cream get one regular free your old work is honored yes this is so funny this is this is how you capitalize on a phenomenon guys now that Stephens jury duty is officially over we’re back at my brother’s back with dogs let’s see Bella no I think they missed us a lot it’s very happy for us we’re now back at my brother’s house and.

So are we celebrating we’re the take away drew has provided us we do this tonight thanks drew he said he needed a shout out. So shout out to drew deliver on the good no it was not organic at all I was forced it was the only way I could get my take out he also delivered real good goods where are they, I’m very happy about this this was like. So weird with the short hair, and the dark eyebrows I can’t get over right we’re gonna keep reading the range of things we found out Drude finished the whole state decently done he’s finished the whole season, and he recommends it don’t you drink Oh keeping out there who ordered the simply cheese just the toppings extremely late we pinched way too much of that show if three posts live did it sound good I don’t have done good. But next week we’re thinking of doing a Q&A. But like though eco, and volunteering. Because that’s pretty much what we did in the second half of our trips if you have any questions about like the process or anything to do with volunteering leave a comment below. But thanks so much for reading guys if you today’s Q&A give us a thumbs up, and we’ll see you tomorrow knackers.

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