Six tourist destinations that you should consider visiting while in New Zealand

From adventure sports, water sports, breathtaking natural surroundings, to wonderful natural parks and areas with several volcanoes, New Zealand offers something for every backpacker. Let’s take a look at some of the most visited destinations by backpackers during summer.


Auckland is one of the most populated areas in New Zealand, and it is home to several historical monuments, museums, places of religious importance, along with parks and gardens. Tourists often use Auckland as gateway to enter New Zealand. Auckland volcanic field is the most visited tourist attraction because of its volcanoes.

Bay of islands

Bay of islands attracts hundreds of tourists every year, especially those who love dolphin safaris, sailing, swimming, surfing, and spending time on the beach. It has historical importance as it is home to Waitangi, point at which Treaty of Waitangi was signed between people from Maori and Europeans. The area is located on New Zealand’s Far North district.


Are you looking for spa spot and also wish to experience Maosi shows? Do you wish to watch rare species of birds that can be seen at night? If so, you should definitely visit Rotorua. It is also known as the country’s cultural spot. While in this part of New Zealand, you would also see people walking in the dark with their flashlights searching for native birds.

Rotorua is located in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty Region and is also famous because of Lakes of Rotorua. You can enjoy swimming, water skiing, fishing and other water sports activities in these lakes.

Hot Water Beach

The beach is situated on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula. If you are coming from Auckland, it is around 175 kilometers away. Underground hot springs change the water’s temperature. Visitors can enjoy swimming in hot water during certain timeframe. It is advisable to follow all the recommended safety precautions while at this beach.


Taupo is located in New Zealand’s central area of North Island. It attracts tourists during summer because of its picturesque environment and panoramic views, lakes, and volcanic mountains.

You can also enjoy adventure sports like paragliding, jet boating, and sky diving. The most important tourist attraction in this town is of Tongariro National Park, and Kaingaroa Forest which is considered largest man-made forest on this planet.


Raglan is located near New Zealand’s Hamilton city. It is famous as NZ’s surfing capital. This town is extremely small, and it said no to KFC and Mc Donald’s when fast food chains showed their intention to open restaurants in this little town.

You can enjoy fishing, boating, surfing, and even enjoy water boat paddling. Raglan also offers several opportunities for tourists who wish to enjoy mountain biking, cycling on dedicated cycle routes. You can easily hire cycle, or bike, and go on mountain bike trials. Raglan is also home to 18-hole golf course.

While Backpacking in New Zealand, it is advisable to read news from the part of the country that you plan to visit. If the concerned area is experiencing outbreak of some disease, you should check with your doctor to know if you any vaccines. Carry warm clothes and undergarments that you feel comfortable in. Make sure that you carry New Zealand dollars while travelling. You can get your local currency converted at the airport or even some hotels.

Carry sufficient blankets and camping material when you plan to stay outdoors. If you wish to save money, you should consider cooking your own food in group instead of buying the same. Buy food items from supermarkets instead of small shops. Avoid playing in casino if you plan to carry limited money while travelling.

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