Sivas City Of Turkey

Sivas City Of Trkey for 24 The affirmation of difference, in short, is meant to broaden or beliefs, vales, and interests, not to narrow them Ths, while we seek to rotect everyone’s life and liberty and to ensre jstice for all, we shold also recognize that these words may mean different things to different eole In the same vein, the affirmation of difference shold not trn into an aology for divisiveness Early segregationists, for examle, affirmed racial differences in their efforts to kee African Americans from becoming integrated in American society While difference was celebrated, the other was not Often the affirmation of difference becomes a defense of divisiveness when the members of articlar racial, economic, religios, ethnic or gender gros are resmed to constitte a homogeneos body that is essentially different To gard against a hostile itting of s against them, this essentialism mst be challenged Sivas City Of Trkey 2016

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