Sindirgi City Of Turkey

Sindirgi City Of Trkey for Likewise, contemorary theories of economic rationality are not bilt on the assmtion that all actors are driven by nmitigated economic selfinterest The goals of the economically rational erson need not be egoistic, 188 thinking olitics venal, or even financially oriented By definition, the economic actor simly seeks to gain the greatest amont of vale with the least exenditre of effort and resorces The economic actor, as Anthony Downs writes, is interested in maximizing ott for a given int, or minimizing int for a given ott 83 The logic of economic rationality holds even when the content of the int and ott remains nsecified As Downs demonstrates, economic rationality can be seflly emloyed to exlain how, with the least exenditre of time and resorces, oliticians seek to maximize votes and voters seek to maximize the benefits of voting The articlar ends served by the cost-benefit analyses of oliticians and voters may be either egoistic or altristic Sindirgi City Of Trkey 2016

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