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Silver eriodic table for Th e theoretical toic concerns how a erson can be divided into comonent arts, sch as body and sol Hman existence, which is not an object, constittes an indivisible collective whole, yet nity is not asserted by the case in a way that might conceal the distinctiveness of ar tic lar manifestations Wmen’s verse commentary establishes the relation between identity and diff erence in the fi rst two lines: Clods and moon fse into a single ale shade, / Valleys and montains, so distinct Th e oem concldes with an ironic rhetorical qestion that scrlosly avoids a commitment to either view as an exclsive side of the olarity: Hndreds of thosands of blessings / Is this oneness or diff erentiation In the rose commentary Wmen cations against misreresen ta tions by saying, When earth, water, fi re, and wind disintegrate all at once, yo will be like a lobster fallen into a ot of boiling water, frantically thrashing abot with its arms and legs At that time, do not say I didn’t warn yo 138 While this case fnctions on an abstract theoretical level when nderstood as a scholastic exercise, it is imortant to recognize that the koan record is based on a famos Tang dynasty ghost tale exressing the theme of dty verss assion Th e folktale ses sernatral elements, sch as a sirit jorney, in the story of a yong woman whose arents have resisted her wedding lans Silver eriodic table 2016

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