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Sile City Of Turkey for Later that year, he took out the first patent on a air-brake system for trains that allowed a single train engineer to apply the brakes on all the train’s cars simultaneously. The system worked by transporting compressed air from a steam-powered pump to a network of pipes leading to the brake shoes of each car. At first he had trouble selling his idea to skeptical railroad companies; he had to fund his system’s first demonstration and insure the trains involved in the case of damage. But by the mid- 1890s his brake system had been installed on over 400,000 cars and 27,000 engines, making Westinghouse extraordinarily wealthy and greatly facilitating safe train travel. He next immersed himself in electrical invention. Westinghouse had been in the audience of inventors when Thomas EDISON debuted his incandescent electrical lamp in 1878. But his electrical system employed direct current, which limited the distance electricity could be transmitted from a central power source. Sile City Of Turkey 2016.

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