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The Daytona was effectively relaunched for 1993, with the now revered 900 triple motor and a restyle (upswept pipe and lower screen) that gave it a sportier look, helped by dropping the old Daytona’s graphic-heavy bodywork in favour of The Daytona Super III could be plain yellow, red or blue (later black). a future collector’s item.

It was joined a year later by the Super III, with which Triumph made a determined attempted to make a real sports bike-out of the spine-frame chassis. Cosworth Engineering helped tune the 900 triple up to 113bhp, Triumph’s own six-piston calipers radically improved the brakes, and the addition of some carbon fibre parts shaved a couple of kilos off the weight. Offered in yellow/ black or all-black, and up to October 1995, the Super III is a rare bike that should become one of the more collectable Daytonas in the future, though it was still no match for a FireBlade.

The ultimate spine-frame Daytona (at least in terms of outright power and speed) was the 1200, launched for 1993 as a 147bhp heavyweight projectile, at a time when Japanese importers were voluntarily restricting their bikes to 125bhp. This biggest Daytona of all had revised suspension for 1996, and it’s worth looking out for the special edition SE of 1999, for the final run of 250 bikes. These feature six-pot calipers, black/gold paintwork, pillion seat cover, and a numbered plaque.

With Triumph’s strong heritage, it was only a matter of time before Hinckley chose to cash in on it. With a new rear subframe and retro styling, the Thunderbird put the 900 triple into a 1950s set of clothes, right down to the mouth organ tank badge. With lots of chrome, it certainly looked the part, and the familiar triple was detuned to 69bhp for its new cruiser role, while the gearbox lost its sixth speed.

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