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MEDICAL FACILITIES : There are many English-speaking doctors and good hospitals. Rome has the Salvator Mundi International Hospital with American-trained staff.

MOTION PICTURES : Most are in Italian but the Fiammetta and the Acrobaleno in Rome shows exclusively English or French films in their original versions.

Rome has become a second Hollywood. In the street and in famous restaurants and night clubs you‚„ll run across many American actors and actresses.

MUSIC : In th is land of Verdi, Puccini, Rossini and Mascagni, opera is a gala occasion: you‚„ll hear wonderful- music and see elegant audiences at their gayest during the winter season at Naples‚„ San Carlo, in Rome, or at famed La Scala in Milan. In Rome there is open-air opera during July and August in the matchless setting of the Baths of Caracalla and frequent concerts in the Basilica of Massenzio, right in the heart of the Roman Forum. Also of interest are Musical May in Florence, the International Music Festival in Venice in September, outdoor opera seasons at the Campi Flegrei near Naples and in the Amphitheater at Verona, and the excellent orchestral and chamber concerts and recitals by world-famous soloists in principal cities during the fall and winter season.

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