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This condition of everted eyelids is seen in large breeds, such as St. Bernard, Great Dane, and even basset hound. It leaves a large area of exposed eyelid for the collection of dust and other eye irritants. These eyes continually appear red and

eventually become infected. There is a surgical procedure to tighten the eyelids, and it also gives excellent cosmetic results.


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Innovations in neonatal nurseries have had success in creating more womb-like experiences for premature babies born two to three months early. To create an individualized hospital care plan for each baby is a complicated process training staff and parents to carry it out, and monitoring the child’s response but research indicates great benefits for the baby. The program, begun within seventy-two hours of birth, lasted until the child reached the corrected age of two weeks. Corrected age is the child’s age from the date of expected arrival, not from the date of actual birth. Parents and staff do everything possible to reduce stress, to physically support the child with much Kangaroo Care KC time skin-to-skin between mother and child; often two nurses carry out procedures one holds and supports the baby, while the other does the procedure.

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