Seven Exotic Cars You Can’t Have in America

Exotic cars are often ones that are simply rare, and exclusive, but sometimes they are also those that are forbidden. Exotic cars are tempting, and alluring because they often aren’t available in America. Sometimes they are banned because they can’t pass emission tests, or other government standards, but sometimes they’re just too fast, and too sexy.

Seven Exotic Cars You Can’t Have in America Photo Gallery

Seven Exotic Cars That Aren’t Legal in America

That’s because exotic cars are more focused on style, and speed, than substance. When you look as good as some of the exotic cars on this list, it doesn’t matter if you have a good personality under the hood. It’s all about how good you look behind the wheel. Here are seven of the exotic cars that are banned in America.

1. Lamborghini Strosek Diablo

With such a sinister sounding name, it’s no wonder that this model of Lamborghini is off-limits to the United States. Its super sleek, and sexy design is the stuff of movie sets, and real life spy chases.

2. Lotus 340R

The Louts is as barebones as a car can get. It has no windows, or doors. It has no creature comforts, or safety features of any kind. It’s easy to see with the US government is less than thrilled with it, but it’s also easy to see why automotive purists go crazy for it.

3. Porsche Carrera 964 RS

A banned Porsche is an American tragedy. There’s no other way to describe the horror of being forbidden to jaunt around town in this lightweight model from the early nineties. It’s as fun as it is fast.

4. Jaguar XJ220S

One glimpse of this Jaguar model from 1993 is all it takes to understand why it doesn’t pass American standards. It’s simply a racecar in disguise. Every angle of its design is built for racing, and it has a top speed of over two hundred miles per hour. That makes it just slightly excessive for trips to the grocery store.

5. Noble M600

It takes just three seconds for the Noble M600 to go from zero to sixty, and its exterior seems to mimic a speeding bullet. The Noble has a twin turbocharged V8 engine, and just looking at it feels a little dangerous.

6. Peugeot RCZ

This sporty little French car is one that you’ve probably never heard of before. It has a fairly modest price compared with the rest of the list, at right above thirty thousand dollars. It looks fast, luxurious, and perfect for a getaway.

7. 1991 Toyota Sera

The words exotic and Toyota don’t usually go together in the same sentence, but the 1991 Sera is a great exception. The Sera is a coupe hatchback with butterfly doors, and it looks just strange enough to be cool.

Rent What You Can’t Buy

Although you can’t get these seven amazing cars in the United States, you can still get some pretty far-out cars through rental exotic cars. You just type in, “exotic car rental Atlanta,” for example, and see what’s available. You might not be cruising in something illegal, but you’ll end up getting some thrills.

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