Sephora Haul Before My Philippines Trip Hourglass Marc Jacobs

Sephora Haul Before My Philippines Trip Hourglass Marc Jacobs

Hey there this is a super super quick post. I am leaving to the airport in about minutes and, I’m already packed you can see my suitcase right there and, I really wanted to do a Sephora haul. Because I was. So happy with my purchases there pretty fast as. I did it shared it with someone. So even. I totally inconvenient right now in to record this post. I wanted to show you my goodies. Because I love Sephora unlike their vib a very important Beauty person And So happy with my thighs um. So number one. I love to travel section and the little stuff. Because I often buy like NARS cosmetics or Bobby Brown that. I would never tried before and it’s great for travel but then. I use it a lot and well number one. I got this living proof. I love living purposefully over price. But I love it this is as you know. I love dry shampoo because it keeps me volume it gives me a nicer look then um then a hairspray but it also doesn’t glue my hair. So when, I’m on the beach or whenever. I don’t wanna have rehearsed brown but this gives me that volume that’s not happening right now and this dry shampoo is actually for volume. So I can’t wait to try it.

I have not tried it before how does it work with this focus thing come on and that’s bad then. I got these Express cleansing and exfoliating wipes. I always use wipes whenever. I travel for makeup or whether for cleaning my face, I’m at the airport or we’re traveling and it’s like how many bothered to like use all that water until like draining on my neck which is just. So much easier and yeah love it personally. I have never tried to support ones but they seem like a perfect size because you’re and, I’m going for days. So just enough for for this trip now this is not from a support assist from Macy’s but this is this Clinique hydrating gel that. I got for five dollars by the register but again a very great for when you’re on the go and you just need something small to moisturize your face this is going to make your anti shake and forget about it and another thing this is the second time, I’m buying this BB it’s like a dry shampoo and style extender it comes with this little baby bottle how do the professionals do it it’s like cameras trying to catch my face oh. I have to do it right inside my face there you go and this is like a powder but again it gives me that texture right after. I wash my hair. So I really like it in small and compact it’s getting better it’s getting better, I’m leaving all of this one for a block now this is the Chanel base that. I bought amazing that wasn’t super happy with it but the beauty in America that one of the parts. I love American can return everything you want. So I am planning on trying this which my girlfriend used to use and she was very happy with.

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I like that the bottle is very travel friendly it’s like this white texture and it feels very light because one more foundation their primary foundation and felt very heavy and thick this one feels very nice. I will see how we go nuts but on the other hand there is a seal at Sephora by hourglass and this is a primer mineral primer with bucks but it’s a beautiful bottle and it’s number one selling thing in Sephora just how to put it it’s like people swear by it’s the number one bestseller for our glass. So like sure that looks like they’re onto something and my girlfriend started using it. So I actually have not tried it yet. But I can’t wait to try it on this trip and, I would. I look for you know primary sometimes is everything. I hate that a cake heavy local makeup and although it’s just. So nice it feels like it’s one of these like it makes your skin very like math and like very soft like like velvet. I like it well we’ll see. So far texture wise it feels way better than the Chanel during the same price. I don’t like the glass but could get a break when you travel Nixie but they do have like a travel size that was was like this is big the circle was thou was a glass or not and then once. I was in the our connection a good suction. I’ll show you just the thing that it got there this is their Lightning powder. I don’t know what it is but actually Lightning powder. I thought it was more of a cheeks high cheek thing looks like it could be oh hello there camera if you can see yourself okay and this is probably one of my most favorite colors in the world this is this shiny like dirty pink. I love it this is. So pretty in person. I cannot wait to use a quit. I’ll let you know how. I end up using. I just was. So in love with the color that. I was like, I’m taking it even though. I don’t know how to use it and how, I’m going to use it, I’m gonna like figure out a way to use it because it’s So pretty and and that’s again our gloves now a one kind of makeup done and Sephora eight years ago. I was at a wedding in Washington and, I had my makeup done it was.

So well done. I was blown away but the way the guy found the foundation for me Sephora has these guns like scheme guns that scans your face until you what foundation was best for you and he used remarkable for by Marc Jacobs and it looks amazing was way darker let me see if we can find focus for this there we go and he used it and it was awesome and then. I went back to Sephora. I didn’t buy that time to those like straight your wedding was like. I just yeah it’s not every time. I had foundation at that time. But I really liked it and then it happened that. I went back to super thick whoa. I had this fun amazing foundation can you recommend it and they the lady is terrific now remarkable still heavy we don’t really carry it like that blah blah blah. So she kind of says for me not to bikes too heavy try NARS and, I have been super happy with NARS to be honest. So it’s not like, I’m regretting this decision. But I wanted something heavier and, I remember feeling really good after this remarkable come beautiful bottle. I ended up getting the color bisque golden. I have bought this online and, I went for a beige and it wasn’t good for me. So that’s it it’s a beautiful bottle And I’ll show you actually. I don’t have makeup on right now. So it’s hoping, I’m going to do it right now with it here. So it’s very liquidy to see just like that and as, I’m going to put it on right now. I like it feels like even those full coverage and, I’m probably putting too much right now ah this view is. So soft if you like, I’m sliding this foundation on. I don’t know it’s like skating over my eyes it’s So flowy all it feels. So good because my skin is not super smooth and it feels like. So incredibly smooth well and of course. I use the sponge steamed sponge let me show you what. I got and and, I don’t know if. I would use this sponge for a foundation. But I found this see-through silicone sponge. I wonder if this would work for Foundation at OU alter in a second trying to and it feels um a little heavy like because the one that I’ve been using from NARS is actually a BB cream it’s not even a foundation this is very well covering BB cream you can see my face is through way lighters in my hands but that’s the way it is and when. I got a shade darker.

I looked really really bad like it was. I look like. I spent too much time at a tanning salon and it was just way too dark for me for everything. So I think that this could be C this matches my face and once it blends in better, I’m sure will look good hope. So now another thing that. I got a lipsticks now it’s just lipstick what is this oh. So I was. So surprised to help with the Sephora lipsticks are. I push three this is a one pink one this one is called Roush gum delicate pink and, I go to more about the circus with this one it’s So cute it’s like this pink and they love this pink it’s like very feminine kind of cheeky. I’ll show you on my hand they think about Sephora lipsticks and, I was. So close to Busan buying our glass lipsticks too but they were. So like heavy and to be honest lipstick really annoy me and only me unless it’s like a like a moisturizing thing but this one exactly feels like a lip balm like something healthy and you see how the color is like super cute. I thought make sure looks like a lot. So this one’s pink and, I got two more and again they’re super cute and they were only. So I was surprised at how good they feel comparing to for example hourglass hourglass was just a little guy and, I won and Matt won and, I got one Matt from Anastasia it just didn’t like whose face.

I like pale lips but this was like the wrong kind of pale lips it looks like it’s So much foundation as you can see this one it’s like when Baton Rouge is super nice. So they’re all very like light and natural but you can see like it feels very nice we just have this slight shade of a color maybe it said on the packaging this color is called my everything. I’ll show you one more as you can compare to the other one this one’s darker. So this is the difference between colors between, I’m sure all three of them all three of them. I showed you this one and the middle one the middle ones the darkest but it actually is not. So the third color is cold. So cute and it’s super cute just like that but this would be way too dark for me but it will see and, I put it on it’s just very like light cute color that feels very on my foundation. So bad yeah. I have to work on the applying foundation thing other if you can see that my cats trying to get out of their room totally photobombing me right now and yeah and one more thing that. I always travel with he always travel with and buy it from Sephora these are these hair rings and actually because my hair gets broken very easily. So whatever use this one is it whether you have pretty nice hair and just trying to pull it up or what you’re trying to have like this natural ponytail this doesn’t bend your hair and doesn’t break your hair it’s just like it’s pretty good. I like to call the holes in my hair and always gives me that volume because it’s So light. So I personally love it and always right at Sephora and, I think it’s like ten dollars for three which is expensive but course magic alright cool that’s it now, I’m off to fixing my makeup and heading to the airport. I have about minutes to leave the house and have to get change in everything. But I hope you enjoy this post thanks for letting me show you a separate vegetable right yay very beautiful anyway. So I think you’re reading and, I hope to see you very very soon my next post from the Philippines. So make sure it’s a suit and definitely please do subscribe it’s very important for me to stay in touch with you. So I can show you some more fun stuff. I get to do every now and then more Sephora bye.

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