Seoul for g. To what extent do you think that genetic testing will reduce uncertainty about my long-term risk of breast cancer; enable me to make positive decisions about my future’, and this information could potentially change beliefs and attitudes. Some of health psychology’s commonly employed methods of measurement, intended to describe beliefs or behaviour, may actually and unwittingly be operating as cognitive intervention! The direction of change could be manipulated by changing the wording of the questions, in the same way as other studies attempt to change beliefs by manipulating the nature of information provided. While this may be desirable in certain circumstances, this issue of questions as interventions requires greater attention in research designs and greater acknowledgement in the discussion of findings. So far in this chapter we have reviewed static or continuum models, which describe additive components whereby perceptions or beliefs or sets of them are used in combination to try to predict where an individual will lie on an outcome continuum such as an intention or behaviour. We turn our attention now to stage models, i.e. Seoul 2016.

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