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Sell off vacations for Reagan’s father, Jack Reagan, was an Irish Catholic salesman, renowned raconteur, and alcoholic, and his constant drinking was one of the reasons he drifted from job to job and from town to town. While Reagan did adopt his father’s storytelling ability, he strove to avoid his penchant for excess. For Reagan, a large part of his life centered around the church; he acted with his mother in skits in the church (including temperance skits), he participated in the services, and he dated the preacher’s daughter. Reagan was closer to the preacher than he was to his own father, and biographers have credited Reagan’s early church experience with instilling a strong sense of morality. Reagan also had an active life outside of the church. Reagan worked summers as a lifeguard at nearby Lowell Park and reportedly saved 77 people from drowning on his watch. He was also active in high school (competing in drama, football, basketball, and track), and was elected senior class president. Sell off vacations 2016.

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