SeaWorld Orlando Discovery Cove

What’s cool about it?

1. Have you always wanted to swim with dolphins? This is the place. Discovery Cove is a “boutique park” which means that it is expensive and only a small number of guests are allowed to enter each day. For your Dolphin Swim Experience in Dolphin Lagoon, you’ll get a safety orientation with trained dolphin guides before moving into the pool. The dolphin swim lasts about 30 minutes and includes a short amount of one-on-one time with the animals including a dorsal fin tow ride to shore. You must be at least 6 years-old for this experience.

The Dolphin Pool

2. In addition to the dolphin swim, you can snorkel in Tropical Reef, containing tropical fish and sting rays.

3. There’s also an Explorer’s Aviary with 250 tropical birds that you can hand feed. Don’t miss Conservation Cabana, where you can touch replica bones and learn more about conservation by talking to naturalists.

SeaWorld Orlando Discovery Cove Photo Gallery

Explorer’s Aviary

4. Take a journey on the heated Wind-away River.

5. The Grand Reef has a white-sand beach, palm-lined island, and underwater grottos with moray eels, reef sharks, and other tropical fish. You can snorkel, cross a rope bridge, an experience SeaVenture, which is an underwater walk on the ocean floor. Awesome!

6. Freshwater Oasis will open in spring 2012. It is a wading adventure in which you’ll get to meet xxi.

Discovery Cove Fun Facts!

Admission to the park includes all you can eat and drink at the restaurants and snack bars. You also receive snorkeling equipment, use of lockers, towels, sunscreen, and the use of beach chairs. Fancy!

The park has both Atlantic and Pacific bottlenose dolphins.

In addition to the dolphins, this park is home to 10,000 tropical fish and sharks.

You might meet exotic mammals at Discovery Cove, like a two-toed sloth or tamandua. a member of the anteater family.

Only 1,000 guests per day are admitted to Discovery Cove.

TIP: Your grown-ups have to make a reservation to visit Discovery Cove before your vacation if you want to go. The Trainer For-A-Day package costs extra and involves time behind-the-scenes.

The Wind-away River


1. Laguna Grill serves breakfast until 10:30 a.m., lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There are always seafood dishes, salads, and vegetarian options. The food is included in the price of park admission.

2. Snack stations all around the park offer yogurt, soft pretzels, smoothies, coffee, and beverages.


SeaWorld has an animal rescue team that is on call 24 hours a day to rescue endangered animals.

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