Seasons of Change: The Climate of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

When you visit Calgary you expect a certain type of climate. But, most people are surprised by the fact that the city experiences a full range of seasons. If you’re visiting, or if you’re new to the area, here’s what to expect.


Spring is usually pretty rainy here. So, most people either stay inside or they carry umbrellas. There is also sometimes snow – more than you’d like. The snow dumps in May aren’t unusual, and it can get a little frustrating if you’re itching for a true spring. The weather is mild, but if you can make it through May, you’ll hit a legitimate summer.


Summers are awesome here, with blue, clear, skies, and highs in the low to mid 20s, with some days hitting 30°C. At night, things cool off and are quite pleasant. The summer days are long, and by late June the sun won’t set until 10PM, giving you plenty of time to play outside.

It’s really one of the best places for summer, and you’d never think of it because it’s so far north. If you’re looking for Calgary condos for sale, go in the summer. You’ll get a good idea of the best’ of what the city has to offer, and you’ll also see some of the lowest host homes anywhere.

That’s because condos here are typically cheaper than single detaches homes. In the winter, they’re easy to heat, and in the summer, easy to cool.

Anyway, make sure you bring sunglasses, tanning lotion, sunscreen, and be sure to attend the summer festival scene. More than 100 artists come together and there are over 40 huge outdoor events. Pretty much anything and everything you could imagine will be there – they run June through August.


Nobody brags about fall here. It’s short and the snow flies as early as September, meaning that your long summer days come to an abrupt end, but the snow usually doesn’t stick around for long.


Winters can be a bit harsh, but the sky is clear and blue, so there’s that. Expect lows below -30, and even the highs won’t get much above 10. Cold snaps rarely last more than a week, but when it’s cold, it’s cold. The weather can be frustrating because it turns on a time.

One day it’s bleak, the next it’s sunny. You don’t really know how to plan for it.

In fact, the weather has been known to change from hour to hour. So, it’s worth bringing a sweater or a coat with you pretty much everywhere you go. And, dress in layers, because some of them may be coming off mid-day only to be piled back on when the sun goes down.

Living in Calgary is an interesting experience. Visit first, stay a few weeks out of the year, or if possible, visit for a weekend during different seasons so you can experience before you move here. It’s not for everyone but, for those who love it, there’s no place they’d rather call home.

Bradley Davis works as an airline flight attendant. He loves sharing his experiences online. Look for his posts mainly on travel and vacation blogs.

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