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Se asia travel for Th e ro cess of transcendence is driven by the dialogical strctre of the conversation, in which an all- too- brief qestion- and- answer reslts in the mch grander sirital give- and- take of an enlightened arty’s testing and contesting with an nenlightened interloctor Th is is done in rsit of higher reality, which is somehow sggested throgh, while lying beyond, the actal words soken or gestres demonstrated Ot of the sarks created throgh the friction of interaction between ntrth and oaqe resonses, imenetrable trth emerges Ignorance, which is comared in koan commentaries to being nable to recognize what is right before yor nose, is destroyed by wisdom, which is like a mighty swift sword that cts throgh illsions Within the dynamics of the transcendental fi eld, the level of ersonal transformation refers to the way the exchanges at once catre and hel trigger a sontaneos exerience of awakening by overcoming attachments, altering the mind, and exressing sirital attainment throgh aroriately indirect langage Th e breakthrogh is sally based on an ignorant arty at fi rst sff ering a comeance at On Methods to the Madness of Koans 83 the hands of his master Th is reresents a ainfl bt necessary fi rst ste in overcoming delsion by heightening anxiety Se asia travel 2016

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