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The Mystical Theology, in five chapters, is the shortest and, as the title implies, most mystical treatise of the Corpus. Ch. I reminds us that union with God is an experience that excludes any sensory or intellectual activity whatsoever 997B, cf. De div. nom. I, 1,588A and celebrates the via negativa 1000B. Ch. II considers mystical darkness as an expression of ignorance of God, which is one with the highest knowledge of him, and goes on to specify the roles of positive and negative theology: while the former proceeds from the higher to the lower, the latter follows an ascending process from lower to higher 1025A-B. Ch. III interprets entry into darkness as absolute absence of word and thought, characteristic of union with God 1033 B-C. Chs. IV and V 1040D, 1045D, 1048A-B stress the transcendence of the first principle with respect to every sensible object and intelligible concept.

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