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Many other places worth visiting include: Kleve, Lohengrin‚„s town; Nuerburgring; the Hunsrueck hills south of Trier; the various ranges of hills close to the right bank of the Rhine; Bergisches and Sauerland, Westerwald, Taunus and Vogelsberg, Odenwald, Swabian Forest and south German mountains. Further north, the Harz Mountains rank‚„ among the most important of Germany‚„s winter sports territories. They also boast numerous health and other resorts, open summer and winter. All are easy to reach by railroad, bus or boat.

SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION: A calendar of events and a variety of other information, including ‚“Wiedersehn with Germany,‚ by which you get special discounts during the winter months can be obtained from the German Central Tourist Association in Frankfurt, with United States branches in New York (500 Fifth Avenue), Chicago and San Francisco. Also, for information consult the local tourist office, Verkehrsverein. For health resorts, see the Kurverwaltung. Pan American‚„s office in Frankfurt is at Am Hauptbahnhof 12 (Tel. 30841); in Berlin, Kurfuerstendamm 227 (Tel. 66-5441); in Bonn, Wesselstrasse 16 (Tel. 52655); in Hamburg, Colonnaden 1 (Tel. 351101); in Duesseldorf, Koenigsalle 88 (Tel. 10012); in Munich, 3 Lenbachplatz (Tel. 58171-75); in Stuttgart, Koenigstrasse 20 (Tel. 93980); in Bremen, Flughafen (Tel. 55458); in Hanover, Luisenstrasse 1 (Tel. 85681); in Nuremberg, Flughafen Fuerth (Tel. 70610).

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Saxony Anhalt City Photo Gallery

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