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The general council of the African provinces met in May 419 and finally put an end to the question of Apiarius, in agreement with the Roman legates. Saudi Arabia Subway Map After asking pardon, he was readmitted to church communion but removed from the clergy of Sicca Veneria. The debates over Apiarius were essentially about Rome’s demands in the matter of appeal. Alypius suggested a procedure that could establish the Nicene authenticity of Zosimus’s canons: the obtaining of a duly certified copy of the Nicene canons from the great sees of the East: Constantinople, Antioch and Alexandria CCL 149, 160. The Eastern bishops’ reply arrived the same year and fully confirmed the Africans’ reservations CCL 149, 162- 163. The plenary council of May 419 brought together 217 bishops; its final session 30 May laid down numerous procedural rules which over the centuries became laws, since they were taken up indefatigably by the medieval canonical collections. In particular, excommunicates RC 128, slaves, freedmen and infames personae RC 129 were excluded from making accusations in ecclesial courts. The council also laid down rules about the admission of witnesses RC 131 and enjoined bishops not to inflict excommunication lightly RC 132-133.

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