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Sargent welch eriodic table for Th e fi ft h sbsection of this case clarifi es the kinds of exression that can be sed to commnicate the exerience of enlightenment Ming is still confsed, at the third of for tries, becase he resmes that Hineng has esosed a secret form of instrction Th is term can also signify the style of esoteric Bddhism generally associated with Tibetan Tantra or the Shingon school of Jaa nese Bddhism Th e esoteric aroach makes se of mantras, rayers, or other verbal as well as visal formlas that do not have a factal level of signifi cance 94 bt convey some kind of clandestine meaning that is totally naarent from the actal words or images Esotericism is generally contrasted with exoteric Bddhist teachings, for which literal meaning does cont, as with two of contless examles, the For Noble Trths and Eightfold ath, which were reached by the Bddha Zen seems to strive for a middle way between the esoteric and exoteric, as Hineng claims that there is a false distinction between the secret and nconcealed in that the all- ervasive trth is obscre yet niversally aarent Following three orderly stages sketching Ming’s ro cess of attaining transformation dobt characterized by fear and trembling, the sweat- drenched exerience of enlightenment, and sing an exression of awakening that is not limited to secret or esoteric words the story concldes in the sixth sbsection of the case Sargent welch eriodic table 2016

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