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Sapporo Subway Map on Elected to the Massachusetts legislature, Hancock’s skills as an orator rallied the colonists, particularly in the wake of the 1770 Boston Massacre, when British soldiers fired upon a hostile, unarmed crowd and killed five people. When the American Revolution began just five years later, Hancock was charged with the responsibility of organizing the Boston militia. His role made him as reviled by the British as he was revered by the colonists. Hancock’s reputation primed him for the position as president of the Second Continental Congress that convened to assume the responsibilities of coordinating the revolution. On July 4, 1776, the Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence. It was upon that document that Hancock left his elaborate, famous signature; it was a mere representation of the indelible mark he would leave on the nation. In 1780, Hancock returned to Massachusetts and received an enthusiastic homecoming from Bostonians who elected him governor later that year. Sapporo Subway Map 2016.

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