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Sapporo Map Tourist Attractions on Samuels, American Economists of the Late Twentieth Century (Edward Elgar Publishing Company); Avinash Dixit, In Honor of Paul Krugman: Winner of the John Bates Clark Medal, Journal of Economic Perspectives (American Economic Association, 1993). ARSNE A. AKA, PH.D. CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA Kuwait LOCATED AT THE HEAD of the Persian Gulf bordering IRAQ and SAUDI ARABIA, Kuwait’s modern history began in the 18th century with the founding of the city of Kuwait by a section of the Anaiza tribe who had wandered north from Qatar. Fearing that the Ottoman Empire would tighten-up its regional authority, the head of Kuwait, Mabarek al- Sabah, signed a treaty with Great Britain in 1899 that made the small territory a British protectorate. This relationship persisted until 1961 when Kuwait gained its independence from Great Britain. Sapporo Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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