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Gratia Christi 2,13, is Marius Mercator. A jurist auditorialis scholasticus of the Roman aristocracy, perhaps like Pelagius a British native ODC or like Julian from Eclanum ? Marius Mercator, a eunuch from birth, he was one of the main spokesmen of the ideas of the Pelagian movement after the fall of Rome in 410. Having fled to Carthage after the occupation of Rome in 410, he was accused before the Carthaginian clergy by the deacon Paulinus of Milan on six points in Aug., De gestis Pelagii 11,23; Marius Mercator, Commonitorium adv. haer. Pelagii 2; Commonitorium super nomine Coelestii 1, Sapporo Map Tourist Attractions in changed order; PL 45,1681 and 1686-1687; Concilia Africae: CCL 149: 1 on the nature of death, whether it is natural or a result of Adam’s sin; 2 on the traducianism of Adam’s sin in the human race, equating it to the resurrection of Christ for the human race; 3 on the law which, like the gospel, allows one to reach the kingdom of heaven; 4 on the birth of babies in the situation of Adam prior to his sin. In Africa this last question led to two further issues: 5 a challenge to the baptism of infants for the remission of sins, which contributed to the development of the dogma of original sin Aug., De peccatorum meritis et remissione deque baptismo parvulorum; and 6 the possibility or not of living without sin Aug., De spiritu et littera; De perfectione iustitiae hominis. Celestius was condemned Aug., Ep. 157, 3,22; De gestis Pelagii 62, a permanent condemnation which hung over him and the Pelagian movement in general. Every subsequent judgment on his work, as with those concerning Pelagius, in fact, went back to the Synod of Carthage of 411, in which Augustine did not participate Retr. 2,33.

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