Sao Tome Map

Sao Tome Map

Facts Sao Tome
Countries Sao Tome Map: S£o Tom© and Pr­ncipe dobra
Sao Tome Map States: S£o Tom©
Found to Sao Tome Map: 1485
Sao Tome Map and Area: 17 km sq
Sao Tome Map and Population: 56166
Sao Tome Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 0‚°20‚²10‚³N 6‚°40‚²53‚³E
Time Zone of Sao Tome Map: UTC+0
Sao Tome Map And Codes: +239-11x-xxxx through 14x-xxxx
Languages of Sao Tome Map: Portuguese
Religions of Sao Tome Map: Christian
Interesting places of Sao Tome Map: Cascata S£o Nicol£u, S£o Sebasti£o Museum, Boca de Inferno, Obo Natural Park, Lagoa Azul, Roca de Monteforte, Praia Jal©, Praia das Conchas, Pico C£o Grande, Ilh©u das Rolas

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