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Sao Paulo Subway Map on The private banking sector, throughout the 1860s, Italy 433 The centuries-old canals of Venice, Italy, contributed to the growth of trade and capitalism among the merchant class. also marked the beginning of an enduring phenomenon of Italian capitalism, big banks supplying money to the biggest firms and to whole core sectors of the Italian economy. During the 1910s, Italy had to face the developments of international capitalism and the second industrial revolution without adequate technical and social structures. The country was struck by the 1907 RECESSION that stopped the growth of the industrial sector and consolidated the hegemony of financial capital. During the 10 years of governments led by the liberal Giovanni Giolitti (190314), Italy would try to enter the international markets through the unsuccessful colonial war against Libya (191112). These years also witnessed the birth of an important debate that came to endanger the very nature of Italian capitalism. While the government was led by a liberal coalition, the Socialist Party and the Catholic movement were getting increasingly stronger and more organized. Sao Paulo Subway Map 2016.

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