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Sao Paulo Metro Map on For example, rather than trading his shoes directly for cheese, a colonial shoemaker would sell his shoes for tobacco and then use the tobacco to buy cheese from the dairy farmer. This situation was far superior to that of direct barter for several reasons. First, by offering the dairy farmer tobacco rather than shoes, the shoemaker was able to overcome the potential problem of the double coincidence of wants. While the dairy farmer might already have a closet full of shoes and hence would be completely disinterested in obtaining any more, the dairy farmer would definitely be interested in acquiring tobacco, if for no other reason than because he could turn around easily and sell the tobacco to the bartender in exchange for a pint of whiskey Without some generally accepted medium of exchange, in this case tobacco, the shoe salesman would have been unable to eat his cheese until he found a dairy farmer in need of shoes. Likewise, the dairy farmer would have had to do without his whiskey unless he could find a bartender in need of cheese. Because the dairy farmer and bartender knew they could exchange the tobacco for whatever products they desired, each was willing to accept the tobacco, not for immediate consumption, but as moneysomething that could be used to purchase goods and services. Having a generally 322 Fujitsu Limited accepted medium of exchange led to a tremendous increase in economic activity as it became much easier and much less costly to exchange. Sao Paulo Metro Map 2016.

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