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Personal Notes: From this elevated hamlet take a last look back to to cathedral spires, silhouetted against the early morning sky. I am awakened fro n my reverie by the presence of a lady of the night and her somewhat dishevelkd client in the process of completing their transaction. By strange coincidence tl e extent of this nocturnal activity was highlighted only yesterday in the local press. I reflect on the incongruous nature of city life and the confused borders between sexuality and spirituality. The sacred and the profane all bound up in the hum; n story of Sodom and Gomorrah. I turn my back on the city – glad to be heading in o the simplicity of the countryside. The only distractions ahead are likely to be in tl e shape of the landscape temple…

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE (From the Cathedral via Rua Das Hortas). Leave the Cathedral by the main (west) entrance and walk down the cobbled access road beside the Hostal Dos Reyes Catdlicos (betw een the Parador carpark and police station) to the Igrexa de San Fructuoso. (The Porta da Trinidade was the traditional gateway to Finisterre). Proceed along the Rua das Hortas and over the busy intersection at Campo das Hortas (5.5t sign) [500m] into Poza de bar and rua de San Lourenzo to join the recommended route at Parc San Lourenzo [500m]. Total distance

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Pilgrims on Main Road

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE (following the main road onwards). At this point (Pan San Lourenzo) many pilgrims still continm on the main road (C-543 to Noia) oblivious to the delightful new pathway througi Sarela that runs parallel to the main roat but out of earshot! While the alternativi route is marginally shorter (7.0 kilometre.’ to Alto do Vento via the main road – as com pared to 7.9 via Sarela) the main road is extremely busy and requires to be crossed at intervals which also makes it dangerous

To follow the main road continue in the direction of Noia and join the C-543 by ih ’ new hospital roundabout [1.2 km]. Continue past Vidan [1.0 km] through Roxo ? [3.0 km] turning off for P or tela in Villastrexe [0.6 km] over the rio Roxos and ut into Alto do Vento [1.2 km]. Total distance 7.0 km to Alto do Vento. Here it join i the recommended route.

The Recommended Route has been improved in recent years and now threads its way through Eucalyptus forest and along quiet tracks and country lanes. Stay alert to old way marks that direct you back [left onto the busy main road especially (a) in the woodland above Sarela de Abaixo (b) in the hamlet at Pifleiro and (c) in the woodland above Portela.

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