Santiago de Compostela Map With Cities

LEAVE THE CATHEDRAL by the Pilgrim office (Oficina de Peregrinos / Casa do Dean) heading west via the Rua do Vilar through Porta Faxeiras (site of one of the original medieval gateways to the city) cross the main road [300m] into Parc Santa Susanna (Alameda). Continue up through the Park (take any of the shaded pathways through this delightful area, although the avenue with the two lions at the entrance Paseo dos Leons will give you a fine view of the Cathedral).

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At the far end of the park [600m] you might pause for a moment to look out over the distant hills yon will shortly cross on your way to the end of the medieval world el Fin de Terre’, that is, Finisterre or in Galego, Fisterra. You will he accompanied by the spirit of Galicia and her renowned poetess Rosalia de Castro. Her statue stands at this point, also facing west, guarding the steps down to the university campus below. Descend and continue westwards through the campus park past the tennis courts and picking up the Avenida Das Burgas, passing the swimming pool (left) [400m] and a final [100m] to: Carballeira

1.4 km CARBALLEIRA SAN LOURENZO (LA ROBLEDA) A small triangular park with Fountain and shaded with Oak trees (Robelado). Adjoining the park is the 13th c. Convento y Pazo de San Lorenzo de Trasouto. Here the altemative route from the Cathedral (via the Porta da Trinidade) joins from the right and the way marks now become more obvious. Indeed the first of the concrete bollards with Scallop shell motif is located adjoining the phone kiosk. The small park offers shaded seating and a drinking font.

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